Hacking a Narrative

The Left has begun employing a new tactic in the propaganda campaign against the president-elect, and that is a blatant attempt to de-legitimize the election by claiming that it was unduly and illegally influenced by a foreign power.  In this case—Russia.  They are doing so with deceptive wording by claiming that the election was “hacked.”  It appears that the term “Election Hacking” has legs—at least among the members of the left-leaning community.  It may even be getting legs among the low-information voters out there who follow things like the Kardashians or Mariah Carey’s lip-syncing.  This is of course, by design.

The whole issue swirls around e-mails transmitted between members of the Democratic Party leadership, including but not limited to Hillary Clinton.  The content of those e-mails proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the party is corrupt, and that the senior members of it have been involved in unethical and perhaps illegal activities for a very long time.  Very little of what has been exposed in those e-mails has been disputed for its accuracy—very little at all in fact.  The shrieking indignation comes from the fact that they were exposed to the light of day and the American people got to see them.  So in light of this, these grifters are trying to find a scapegoat and for that they have chosen the Russians.

The White House has now jumped on the band wagon and they have taken direct action against the Russians by expelling diplomats and making very incendiary public statements.  They’ve done all this without disclosing any sort of evidence to the American people—and we’re suppose to take it on faith that they are being honest with use, all after the e-mails show them to be cesspool of liars.  So the president that told Mitt Romney that his comments about Russia were silly and that “The 80’s called and wanted their foreign policy back,” is the same guy that is kicking off the second round of the Cold War.  Forget the fact that the Chinese were definitely guilty of the OPM hack and the Obama administration did exactly NOTHING in response.  So this is a craven political move and it is obviously designed to damage Donald Trump.

This whole thing is disgusting and the MSM is going along like the happy little lapdogs that they are.  They are actively trying to damage the president-elect before he is sworn in so that he will be weakened.  I cannot think of another example of this in our history and it sickens and shocks me.

It’s time we let people know that we see through this charade.  Correct someone anytime they use the term “election hacking” and make sure they are made to restate the issue as the “Truthful Democrat Party e-mails Exposed to the American People.”  Doesn’t really have a ring to it, but it is more accurate.

Why not try it on for size?


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Happy 2017!

Here’s to a year of watching liberal heads explode.



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Just for the Record…

If they want me to go to war over Russian hacking of the election, I’d really like to see some evidence first.




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Going Full Bulworth

@20committee is currently arguing that the recent matter is driven by failures of diplomacy on Netanyahu’s part.

I’m not convinced.

I first heard that this Bullworth or Bulworth movie is about a hard left politician who pretends to be moderately left until he figures he no longer has anything to lose.

Obama is said to have referred to this movie in terms of something he would like to do himself.

Obama had an Ambassador and SecState in place to pull this off. Which might have been challenging if either had any expectations of future elected office, and were not interested. That argues premeditation on Obama’s part that would likely have predated the recent differences with Israel.

The matter of Iran’s nuclear program also speaks to Obama’s long term intentions for the region. Assuming he isn’t simply severely cognitively impaired.

I think this may have always been part of his long term plan. My strongest counterargument is the case that he is too much of a drugged up loser to have that much capacity for long term planning.

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TNN (I mean CNN) is Getting Sued…

for racial discrimination!

The 40-page lawsuit filed in the United States District Court in the Northern District of Georgia said blacks – especially black males – are discriminated against in evaluations, compensation and promotions. Blacks receive “disproportionately lower scores on evaluations,” the lawsuit alleges.

It says based on data provided by Turner, blacks are terminated at a higher rate than whites and promoted at a significantly slower rate. And the lawsuit said written and unwritten policies and practices for performing evaluations and promotions discriminate against blacks. Those policies “allow supervisors to essentially handpick candidates through word of mouth for available positions and make promotion decisions on the basis of subjective criteria,” the lawsuit said. “This system prevents qualified African-Americans from competing equally for positions or even knowing that they are available.”

Meachum said at a press conference Wednesday morning at his downtown Atlanta office that he has been collecting information about CNN and Turner for three years before filing the class-action suit.

Go here and read the whole thing.  It is delicious.

So the liberal overlords at CNN are a bunch of racist hypocrites…  who knew?

Anyone with a brain, that’s who.


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75 Years Ago Today


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Well, This Was Entertaining To Watch


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The Trump Presidency

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting excited for January.  While Trump hardly qualifies as a serious conservative, he is far better than this cohort of Marxists that are currently living and working within the White House.  Trump is a blowhard who speaks before he thinks, but he looks like he is making some really solid picks for his cabinet, and those are the people that will be running the government from day to day.

I have to say, I increasing hopeful as we move forward (to steal some “progressive” buzz words).


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Recount Madness

So now the left has focused their temper tantrum into a push for a recount.  Which has then triggered Trump into claiming he won the popular vote too because of illegals voting and such.

I say before you start recounting anything, START counting the absentee ballots.  Almost none of them have been counted yet due to idiotic election rules and if they were, they’d likely turn out to be 2/3 Republican.  Which is probably why Democrats suppress absentee ballots (i.e. military votes).

If we’re going to go ahead and fuck with the elections, why don’t we start there?


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Re: Trump

I may have some crow to eat.

I’ve been ignoring a lot of the news about the transition. Mainly because hype is not data, and I don’t really have any decisions to make yet.

Check this out. The Trump in that transcript shows more awareness, sanity, coherence and firmness than I am used to giving him credit for. Okay, I’ve been judging him through the foreign policy lens, and quite a lot of people are better than Obama on energy.

And Trump’s uncle seems to be a real person with strong scientific credentials.

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On Things

On The Russians didn’t hack the election.

On The Russians are not our friends.

The loss was pretty heavily a Democrat own goal. They’d intimidated more Trump voters than they expected into silence. So they did not know how many extra fake ballots to prepare. If they had known, they had the big city machines to produce those in a number of swing states.

Either that, or they ran Hillary Clinton against someone who managed to appear slightly less unpalatable.

Compare RedState and Duffelblog.

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Post Election Commentary

From four years ago.


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This is CNN

I think CNN should rename itself to “TNN.”  Not after its founder Ted Turner…  no, not for that.  It needs to re-brand the network after its arch nemesis, Donald Trump and start calling itself the “Trump News Network.”  Not that they like Trump or anything, no…  just the opposite.  They loathe the man on a visceral, animal level.  But they are completely and totally obsessed with the man.  They cannot break their gaze even for a minute from him.

So CNN will inundate us with Trump coverage for the next four years…  bet on it.  Very little else of any substance will come from that media outlet—that much I’d be willing to bet on.

So let’s start a petition and have them re-name the network.  It seems only fitting since that will be the principle subject matter presented for the next four to eight years.  Seems only fitting.

Your thoughts?


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Questions of Purpose

1. It is not implausible that the media is doing these things at the behest of Clinton or someone else. We remember the Bush years, and the outcry of madness that seems in hindsight orchestrated. It is perhaps not a good thing that the media is pissing away credibility now, so that it couldn’t be used later in case of legitimate evidence of Trump presidential foolishness, incompetence, or evil.
2. The mass violence is almost certainly being funded and stage managed. The reason is unclear, but it should be noted that Trump may not be as able to see through this, or be as cold blooded as someone clear of urban areas.
3. The Russians almost certainly had a reason to intervene in our election.

Clear certain answers to these questions might be usable. It is tempting to say that the goal is undermining the institutions of our Republic, but that is reflexive. Dunno.

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The Left Has a Case of the Vapours

It’s nice to see that the collective freak-out of the left is carrying on without any reduction in intensity.  My advice to them would be to dial it down a notch or two.  This is a marathon not a sprint.  They are going to burn themselves out!

Hold on a second, I need to put my coffee down while I laugh hysterically.

Now where was I?

Nope, not done yet…  just a sec.

Seriously though, the media needs to put on their grown-up pants and quit stirring the pot.  They know exactly what messaging is and they are actively engaged in propagandizing.  Things are on the verge of getting ugly.  They need to knock it off before people start getting hurt.  I’ve seen the videos of people beating the shit out of each other and getting run over because of this election, and that’s not what I’m talking about.  I mean people really getting hurt.  We’re almost there and there’s no reason for it.  No sane reason anyway.

There are people on the left calling for and condoning violence right now and they have no idea what they are asking for.  They are ignorant children and those in the media need to start cooling off the rhetoric.  They have the power to do it, and they need to start before things go bad.

Time to start acting responsible for a change.  Are you listening Fourth Estate?


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Death of the Republican Party

It seems it was not so long ago that I kept hearing how the Republican Party was in its death throes while Democrats were high-fiving, fist bumping and going to bath houses together.  Now it looks like the proverbial shoe is on the other foot.  So in an effort to save the party Harry Reid is endorsing Keith Ellison as DNC Chairman.  Because Ellison is from the Midwest or something (heavens only knows the logic).

Anyway, good luck Dems with connecting to Red State America.  I think your party elite are about as out of touch with the pulse of America as one could possibly imagine.  But you just keep on keepin’ on.


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So it’s no secret that all the major news outlets blew it in terms of their polling numbers.  They all declared Clinton the winner with scant chance of Trump breaking 200 electoral votes.  We now know that the polls were wrong.  Dead wrong.

So during the same timeframe we kept seeing polls that indicated Obama was enjoying a 52% approval rating—some of the highest approval ratings ever seen for a president at the end of his second term.  So can we now assume that those numbers are complete and utter bullshit as well?

Hmmm….  something to ponder I should think.


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Violence on the Left

Sadly there are thousands of people on the left that are not only taking to protesting the election of Trump, but are being violent about it.  The hypocrites who talk about ending hate and embracing inclusiveness are the very people spewing venom and marginalizing certain groups of people.  The left has always been intolerant, they just lie to everyone and even themselves.  Of course their biggest sin is believing their own rhetoric—or perhaps that’s a clear sign of their inherent ignorance.  Be that as it may, they hate anyone that thinks differently than them and they are raging at the world right now.

I stated before that I didn’t mind them protesting so long as it was done peacefully.  It is their right, and like I said before it is a release valve that helps keep the Republic stable.   But unfortunately we have the fringe elements in there committing acts of violence.  It’s probably the same agitators it always is—the anarchists, the communists and the socialists.  Smashing things and screaming about the evils of capitalism.  They are just opportunists embedding themselves in a larger liberal temper tantrum.  That being said, it would behoove those liberals who want to be taken seriously to police their own ranks and get the violent agitators under control—or distance themselves from them.  Nobody is going to take you seriously if you are out burning cars and busting the windows out of local shops and small businesses.  Nothing can hurt your cause more.

And speaking of causes, I’d really love to hear just one of them articulate exactly what they hope to accomplish with all this marching and yelling.  Throwing a tantrum is not a policy nor is it any form of strategic messaging.  It is quite simply—pathetic.  But it is their right.

All the stories about “cry ins” and grief counseling at the universities makes me roll my eyes as well.  Give me a break.  Crying is for children you mouth-breathers.  Though exceptions for adults are made for the deaths of close friends and relatives—other than that crying is for kids.  I recommend growing up if you want anyone to take you seriously.


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The Media on Election Night


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More Schadenfreude

What you see here is the Obama team getting ready to receive the Trump transitional team.  They don’t seem to be terribly happy.

I really love the one weeping uncontrollably.


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