Four More Long Years

It is very likely that Clinton or Trump will be the next President. The possibility that either would implement anything approaching the nuclear counter-proliferation policy we need is more remote than someone else beating them.

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My Numerous Errors

My earlier report on the 2016 Hugo nominations appears to be substantially in error.

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The World is On Fire

There are Russians numbering in the tens of thousands fighting Ukrainians on their own soil and the death toll for both sides is something we haven’t seen in Europe since the Balkans imploded twenty years ago.  The Middle East is collapsing in on itself with a Syrian civil war, ISIS occupying a gigantic piece of real estate, with Iraq welcoming in the Iranians with open arms while our government does its best to alienate whatever friends we’ve got left.  Speaking of Iraq, we’ve deployed thousands of our troops back over there again—but the progressive media has been sufficiently compliant in keeping that on the down-low.  There are about 10,000 American troops still in Afghanistan, doing nothing more than keeping the government in Kabul in power without actually influencing anything else above and beyond that.  Military aged males from the Middle East and North Africa are swarming into the west labeled as “refugees” by a media and the hard left (but I repeat myself).  The Chinese are expanding capability and capacity and challenging their Asian neighbors with their navy and air force.  The North Koreans are experimenting with submarine-launched ballistic missiles and more powerful nukes.  The Chinese just successfully tested a MIRV.  The world economy is surviving on little more than inflating away unsustainable amounts of debt and punishing those who save for the future.  Markets are over inflated, and central banks are out of tools to keep things going if we have another significant downturn.

And while all of this is going on, we here in America are arguing about letting grown men wearing dresses and face makeup urinate in public bathrooms with our wives and daughters.

What sort of madness is this?


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Fuck Facebook.

Well, I’ve been blocked by Facebook for five days now. After repeated attempts to verify my identity I finally got an email that says “you appear to be under thirteen and your account will be terminated.”

Because as my profile picture I have my son, at age four, wearing his underwear as a hat.

In the end, this might be a good thing because I’ve been away from here for far too long.

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Mr. Lane is Incorrect

Moe Lane’s Endorsement

Point of Order: If one wishes to nitpick, there is one aspect of this ad that might not be true. Everything I’ve heard suggests that the Hillary’s organization is substantially more awful than this ad describes.

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Forecast Cloudy, Try Later

One Paul Manafort is now Trump’s ‘Convention Manager’. His prior work includes helping the Russians create an excuse to invade the Ukraine.

That’s no reason to worry, because there is no way he could use access to a careless angry populist presidential campaign to create the appearence of a serious incident. Even if he did, the Russians aren’t overconfident enough to take advantage, even if they have gotten used to years of rolling Obama. Even if they did, Obama and Clinton would never cooperate with a dictator if it meant more power and wealth for them. Obama and Clinton have sound judgement, good risk assessment, and make national security their highest priority. The media would never do their best to conceal a situation if that would translate to Democratic victories.

If Trump loses heavily in the remaining primaries, the Russian symps he’s been giving access to will have less opportunity to cause trouble. If the Democratic Candidate is losing badly, they will not be able to sell a coup to the American people.

Ted Cruz would not be party to a Russian backed coup d’etat. Vote for Ted Cruz. This was written by a volunteer from People Who Have Been Paying Entirely Too Much Attention This Cycle for Ted Cruz.

Edit:4-11 Unsurprising

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2016 Hugo noms

Here at Just Barking Mad, we have long aspired to the prestige and reputability of National Enquirer.

Our sources in a national security service promised us an exclusive story so long as we waited until after the arrests were finished. Now we can share with you the 2016 Hugo nominations.

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Point of Order

A Presidential candidate recently confused several distinct things, and this may have misled the ignorant.

Conservatives do not consider the listed items identical, even if there can be some relation.

1. Treaties between different national powers about the practice of war.
2. Standard disciplinary codes imposed on a military.
3. The direction a nominal commander in chief gives a military organization.
4. What motivates soldiers to close with and destroy the enemy.
5. The results of lawyers attempting to bring their pet systems where they are neither needed nor appropriate.

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First, thank you Moe Lane.

Normally, when someone gives the IRS false information regarding a financial crime, they are in bad trouble.

Donald Trump, however, is potentially going to be in a position of oversight over the IRS. The IRS has recently had questionable oversight, and been involved in questionable activities.

The IRS will of course handle this matter independently of who becomes President, and without regard for who will become President.

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Sad PuppieSHI

Sad Puppies

Rabid Puppies by Vox Day

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Can Trump Cause Riots

Trump’s intent is difficult to evaluate with certainty, as his many conflicting statements can be cherrypicked to fit any narrative. I’m not a Trump expert, and only started collecting data this cycle. My original gut reaction was ‘ringer for the Democrats’. That and forty bucks will get you a cup of coffee.

Does Trump have the capability to cause riots in the event he loses the primary or general? Do his supporters?

Recently the usual procedure in America is arranged, and has two requirements. The first is political intervention in the law enforcement whose jurisdiction is the venue. The second is rioters organized around a core of professional and recreation rioters.

I expect other alternatives have not been viable due to perceptions of risk compared to rewards. Even if recent events have made rioting seem more effective, I think Americans still have too great a sense of ‘something left to lose’. I do not know of any high probability scenarios that would be sufficient to change that in the next eight months.

I do not think there is enough time to develop the rioters from scratch. I do not think the hard left would loan Trump rioters or organizers if he would use them against the left or Hillary.

I also doubt Trump has the necessary political pull with state and local politicians. He cannot count on Democrats when running as a Republican. His involvement with the Republican party is probably too recent and narrow for him to have any pull with Republican mayors.

There is a decent chance that Trump cannot follow through with the relevant comments, whether or not he knows that.

Does this mean Trump is not responsible for Chicago? Maybe. However, if Cruz wins the nomination, the left hates him at least as badly, and still does not manage to create such events… It seems plausible that combining a de-escalating mindset with solid intelligence on venue security would allow one to minimize such risks, and that this would be worth advertising to contrast with Trump.

Ending on a related note, Hillary continues to have been a horrible Secretary of State, and to be a horrible candidate for President. I think Trump’s specific negatives make him our best chance of losing to her. I think Cruz would win.

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The Science is Settled

AWG is caused by Chemtrails, and only by Chemtrails. The only necessary and sufficient remedy is a Do Not Fly list for Environmentalists.

Every scientist we asked agreed.

Our survey methodology was to only ask scientists who laughed, and thought ‘the earth will explode unless we curtail the rights of environmentalists’ was a rhetorically appropriate way of exposing the weaknesses of certain arguments. Don’t ask about ‘our’ sample sizes.

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Obama thinks it is normal for people to run amok. Further, Muslims doing so are so common as to be unremarkable. He also feels it is unjust for a drug addict to die from decisions made under the influence.

He seems an entitled innumerate whose drug habit has prevented him from seeing that modern America is not the Indonesia he grew up in.

Alternatively, he is a crazy evil communist liar.

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Your Evening Meme


And then proceeded to not cry about it on national TV.


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Executive Orders

I didn’t watch the president today because… well…  you know…  I can’t watch him speak without wanting to throw up.  But I did get the executive summary of his Executive Orders, and then saw some film footage from his talking points.  Particularly the part where he starts crying like a bitch real man and leader of the free world.

Two observations:

1) The Executive Orders amounted to almost literally nothing.  Practical all of it was already law on the books.  And the rest of it was fluff.  Good news for freedom-loving Americans and 2nd Amendment supporters.

2) The president crying on national T.V.?  Really?  Are you shitting me?  If the rest of the world didn’t already think Obama was weak before, they are completely convinced of it by now.

What a pussy.

Have a good night.


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The foreign policy of this administration suggests that Democratic foreign policy objectives of 2000-2008 were largely set by rage at the outcome of the 2000 elections.

We have before us a woman of towering ambition, entitled, and holding back nothing from retribution for any slight. Her faction has essentially built a nearby encampment where they are collecting enemies of the Republic. Cicero’s description of the Cataline conspiracies seems truthful here.

Cicero’s remedies are not applicable. Both Cicero and Cataline were the result of the failure of The Republic. I suspect Cicero caused further harm to the institutions of the Republic.

O Conscript Fathers!

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Happy New Year!

Hopefully all y’all are out there getting properly drunk.

Peace out.



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Submitted For Your Consideration



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You Know

You’ve got to wonder how much of this pro immigrant rhetoric is simply masking ugly racism.

The Washington Post has expressed the sentiment that a person does not have human dignity if they have Italian ancestry.

People ranging from Jeff Bezos to Howard Taylor have implicitly or explicitly endorsed this view.

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‘I wouldn’t keep any school open that wasn’t doing better than average.’

The Democrats really do not rely on their math skills for intellectual signalling.

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