Beyond Welfare Babies

#BlackLivesMatter seems to be arguing two points.

To one audience, they argue the evils of police. The message is that government is illegitimate, and there is nothing to lose. The effect has been to intimidate the police.

To another, they argue that authentic blackness is drug fueled violence and disrespect for property and human life.

When a girl or woman has children in order to get government payments we say ‘welfare babies’. What is the proper term for when a girl or woman raises a young man to be an entitled suicidal murderous idiot so that she can collect a ‘wrongful’ death payment after he gets himself killed in the presence of a police officer?

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On Immigration

Obama wants to open up the borders to damn-near everybody in a naked attempt to build a Democrat-voting super-majority. If you can’t see that then you need to get your head examined. The leftists will deny it of course—because they are liars, and this is all part of their strategy. The latest wave of “Syrian refugees” is just another play that Obama is making—although it is utterly idiotic on his part. He is pushing this in the face of overwhelming opposition, and this will only energize the opposition… which I suppose is a good thing from my perspective.

In any event, we’ve got all these people coming in and now the discussion of “vetting” has begun. Or lack thereof to be more precise. I’ve got a suggestion for your consideration humble reader… how about we begin the vetting by not allowing in any military-aged males? Deny entry of all refugees if they are males between the ages of 14 and 44. That’d be a good start if you ask me. And then deny the refugees welfare or any other public assistance until they are naturalized citizens (a process that will take years). I think that would be a terrific first step in ensuring we are protecting ourselves and paying more than mere lip service to national security.

Here’s an example of what Europe is already letting through their borders. Pay close attention to this video because these are the same sorts of people Obama wants to bring to our shores.


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Mr. President,

Analysis does not exclude the possibility that you are stupid enough to think you can plant the Islamic State in the United States of America.

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Keep On and Calmly Carry

I’ve found three arguments particularly risible in the post Paris discussion.

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Reconciliation is Still Possible

The defeatists are right; we can surrender.

Pelosi and all the other Democrats have asked if we can find an alternative to fighting. Yes, we can.

Somewhere in the Bay area, there is tall building next to a paved area that is not a road. We can throw gays off the top of that building. When the pile of bodies gets big, we put it in a dump-truck using a loader. We bury them in the desert.

Celebrate diversity with gay terminal ballistics. It is the only sane option for peace, peace in our time.

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Welfare Causes Murder

I get most irritated by breezy assurances of the predictive value of prohibition’s history when made by someone who knows a narrow slice of years.

If you can’t identify the origins of the anti-saloon movement, and which 19th century federal tax caused a shift in alcohol production, you haven’t done your homework.

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Top Ten

Rational Reasons it is Acceptable to Have One Set of Laws For Illegals, and Another for Everyone Else.

We asked our crack team of Democratologists what answers they could provide for the following question.

Cameron: I’d still love for some pro illegal person explain why it’s acceptable to have one set of laws for citizens and another for illegals. But I’m not holding out for anyone on that side of the argument actually present anything rational.

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On Escalation

I remember reading about playing chicken as a negotiating strategy.

If one appears dangerously irrational, one may not be pressed so firmly in negotiations.

Obama may be far more unstable than most can verify.

If this is so, it would explain some of the choices of the previous speaker. We might also expect similar things from the next speaker.

However, such choices by the speaker would merely kick the can down the road, if it means that the Democrats win, or the Republicans win with a maniac.

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Stupid Questions

Whoever said “There’s no such thing as a stupid question.” has clearly never read the Facebook page that I manage.

There is no end to the stupid questions, or the dumb motherfuckers that post them.

I need a drink.


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Draft Tom Kratman

Ladies and Gentlemen,

There has been much discussion about who should be the next Speaker of the House of Representives.

There is one man who best fits what America needs in a Speaker.

That man is Tom Kratman.

Republican voters are now very angry with a great many people.

Tom Kratman is not yet one of them.

In these troubled times, we are deeply divided, and need someone to bridge the gap.

Tom Kratman is a moderate who can communicate with the right and with the left.

The American people want someone who can make congress deliver.

Tom Kratman can shenanigan procedure enough to make a munchkin blush.

‘Paid’ for by ‘Friends’ of Tom Kratman for Speaker, 2015

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Supreme Court Justices… Are They Above the Law?

Apparently Justice Sotomayor has an interesting interpretation of the law, particularly when it comes to herself.

Sotomayor ruled that Grand Cent. Partnership, Inc., had to pay minimum wage to its interns because, despite their intent “they did not structure a training program as that concept is understood in case law and regulatory interpretations but instead structured a program that required the plaintiffs to do work that had a direct economic benefit for the defendants. Therefore, the plaintiffs were employees, not trainees, and should have been paid minimum wages for their work.”

Fast forward to the present day offices of Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor. While all Supreme Court justices use interns, they give them valuable experience they can use in their careers as lawyers, including research and application of laws. That is not the case with Sotomayor. She doesn’t even require her interns to be law students or graduates. They do however have to have a valid driver’s license. That’s because of the work they are required to do.

Interns for Sotomayor act as butlers, maids, cooks and chauffeurs. No other Supreme Court Justice does this. Her ad on a Latin Facebook page lists duties as running errands away from the courthouse, fixing lunch and snacks, photocopy, answer the phones and other menial tasks. In return, all interns are responsible for their own living arrangements and transportation and receives no wages.

You can read the whole thing here.

I thought these individuals were supposed to be servants of the people and not the other way around.

I think it is time to remove a certain Supreme Court Justice for the good of the nation. I don’t think she has the moral fiber that we need for someone in her position.

Just a thought.


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What has this year’s feckless incompetence wrought?

We promise that we’ll remember the Eleventh of September.

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The False Economies of the Scientific Management of Society

Someone at Pete’s raised a matter that need’s addressing.

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Enemy Action, Three Times?

Pattern detection is sometimes correct and sometimes incorrect. ‘Twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action’ is a rule of thumb for estimating this.

Trump somehow reminds me of Perot. Trump is probably wealthy enough to stay in the race as third party.

I’m wondering if the Clintons could’ve incited Perot and Trump.

If they had done this, I would expect them to have done so in other races. Particularly the 2008 election. They thought had the nomination in the bag, and a ringer would’ve needed some lead-time. However, I do not know enough about that election to say. I know even less about the New York Senator and Arkansas Governor elections in question.

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Recent Shooting

Decent chance the shooter will turn out to have had some association with Islamic symbols.

So of course we are about to have a government purge of Islamic symbols.

Nikki Haley is soon going to be revisiting all those zoning decisions related to Mosques. Any minute now.

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Well Shit…

It looks like I need to go out and get me some Daewoo.


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A Pet Peeve

You know what I hate?  I hate it when I conduct business in an online auction (Ebay, Gunbroker, etc.) and after I win the auction and pay for the item the seller does not leave me feedback.  Many times they will wait until after I receive the item and then leave them feedback first before leaving comments for me.  Seriously, as a buyer, after I pay for the item my portion of the transaction is complete—you should immediately leave positive feedback for me.  Not play passive-aggressive games and wait until I write something nice about you first.  When I am selling something online the minute I get paid I drop positive feedback—the buyer has completed their part of the bargain in a satisfactory manner and therefore I will comment on that right away and not wait for them to go first.  This seems to be the logical and polite way of doing it.  The other way smacks of holding my positive feedback hostage until they get theirs first.

This irritates the shit out of me.


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It’s the 4th of July…

We’re getting ready to celebrate our nation’s 239th birthday today and we’re on an elevated security footing and getting ready for an anticipated terrorist attack on our shores.  Do you feel safer than you have in the past?

Thanks a lot Obama for all you’ve done for our great nation.  Having us hide under our beds in the face of the rabid animals of the world instead of hunting them down and killing them.

I feel sick to my stomach.


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Confederate Battle Flag, Dos

If it is proper to ban the Confederate Battle Flag for one event, there is no principled reason not to also ban the Mexican flag.

If it is plausible that the Confederate flag can cause a spree killing, then it is plausible that very many other crimes are caused by display of the Mexican flag.

The Confederate flag may symbolize the murdering Democratic Party’s pointlessly destructive treason, but the Mexican flag symbolizes a sadistic regime of mass murder.

The eagle with a snake on a cactus represents the Aztec Triple Alliance.

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Confederate Battle Flag

As a lifelong conservative Republican snrk Sorry, I couldn’t keep a straight face anymore. I acquired language well after the start of my life. Without language, I cannot be said to have had politics. A zygote or blastocyst doesn’t have any noticeable opinions.

Shortly before I was old enough to vote, I finished an analysis of my views, and found a significant agreement with conservatism and the Republican Party. I have mostly voted such ever since. (I tend to vote straight Republican tickets, partly due to enmity over the civil war, but cannot speak for the candidates being reliably conservative.)

My perspective on the political history of the United States since the middle of the nineteenth century consistently favors the Republicans and opposes the Democrats. I do grant Truman some regard for dropping the bomb on Japan.

I think the Confederate cause was stupidly futile. I think the estimates of Southern badassery and Northern pussiness should be considered insanely optimistic, maybe even without the benefit of hindsight. I think the inevitable consequences of the Confederacy forcing the Union to terms would have been nasty enough that Sherman might have been justified in acting more harshly than he did. I tend to see the American Civil War as the Democrats throwing a hissy fit, and Reconstruction as them being spanked for it. (I strongly dislike Andrew Johnson. I think he was a terrible president.)

All that is my bonafides for saying that this current round of banning the Confederate battle flag is entirely without merit.

The Democrats agitating for this are perfectly happy keeping symbols of white supremacism that are still useful for them. They still keep the Donkey, which was used in the nineteenth century. They haven’t rid themselves of Woodrow Wilson. They haven’t rid themselves of Lyndon Johnson or his policies. There are very many other examples. (Did I mention that I think the historic Democratic Party was a white supremacist terrorist organization, I oppose it for this reason, and I’m unconvinced the modern Party is any different?)

You might as well ban anime, because it rarely paints the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings in an entirely positive light, and hence must be propaganda supporting Imperial Japan. ‘Dear Wal-Mart/Amazon/Apple, Your stocking of “My Neighbor Totoro” is obviously an endorsement of the Rape of Nanking. I am deeply troubled by this, and will not purchase anything from you until this issue is resolved. With love, Dumbass’


Paying attention to how Roof was in legal trouble for playing with psychiatric drugs might actually lead to a way to minimize future occurrences. People in our society don’t realize that stuff which can mitigate psychiatric conditions will make some fraction of healthy people using it nuts.

Tor Obsidendus Est
Salafi Necandi Sunt

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