Kratman to Replace Priebus

ATHENS, Greece—   Anonymous high ranking officials with access to deeply classified information report that Donald Trump’s appointment of Thomas P. Kratman as White House Chief of Staff will be a coup for Russian intelligence services.

“Putin wants Kratman in that position, because Priebus only sees Clinton as someone to oppose.”

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You’re welcome.


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A Random Misogynist Thought

Okay, not really “misogynist,” but I’m sure some Social Justice Warrior will accuse me of it regardless.

So anyway, why is that the leftist chicks who are the most vocal about the evils of objectifying women are the first ones to take their clothes off in public?  Not only do they get naked in public, but they go on to rationalize it by saying it is all about “empowerment.”

Frankly, my libertarian streak compels me to disclose to you Dear Reader, that I couldn’t care less if they get naked in public or not, but for the life of me I cannot understand how that is empowering in any way.  It smacks of narcissism if you ask me.  More like some members of the female persuasion are screaming for attention more than anything else, and lacking any meaningful way to get it, they take their clothes off.

Am I wrong on this?

If you’re curious what brought this on, go to the link here about a bunch of Australian Sheilas getting nude and covering themselves in glitter.  Apparently they are doing this to promote “positive body image” or some other such malarkey.  Frankly, I just think they’re idiots.  Mostly idiots with nose piercings and shitty tattoos, but idiots nonetheless.

Of course I may be way off on this one.

I need a drink.


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Kim du Toit is Back

I’ve missed him over these years he’s been off the net.  I for one am glad to see him blogging again.

You can check him out here.


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Anne Rumsey Gearan Verified account ?@agearan

Lavrov to US reporters about Trump and upheaval in DC: “You should know we do not interfere in the domestic matters of other countries.”

This is actually best evidence presented so far for Russian backing of the Trump campaign.

I don’t know about Russians donating to her campaign, or her during the campaign, but a Russian organization that is sometimes an intelligence front did give money to someone highly placed and connected with her campaign.  Back before Podesta became so well known over the email matter, I posted something here about about the Podesta brothers’ lobbying firm being hired by a Russian bank.

Foreign money didn’t make the election results illegitimate when it was Obama.  Media coverage has been effectively an unacknowledged in kind contribution.

Wikileaks is a general effort to destabilize America, and the blatant push was because Putin was certain neither Clinton nor Trump would be strong enough to punish him, but if it had been intended as an in kind contribution to Trump, it is not obvious that it is qualitatively different from earlier foreign intervention in our elections.

Remember when foreign media was pushing the idea that Obama was the bee’s knees, and we could totally all be friends if he were elected?  Remember how that was echoed domestically to support Obama’s campaign?

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The Russians Have Invaded Korea!

It’s true, check it out!

It’s all Trump’s fault!


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Hear About the Recent Murder of a Cop in Denver?

Of course you didn’t, because the media buried it.  And they are obsessed with the president’s every action right now.

But it turns out this law enforcement officer was executed by a jihadi.

I know, tough to believe but it turns out it’s true.

Let’s go ahead and revisit that Executive Order conversation again.


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Is it just me or is the rhetoric gone from insane to off the deep end?

I am seriously getting worried about where all of this is heading.


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Trump’s Ban on Muslims

Has anyone else been reading or hearing about President Trump’s recent Executive Order restricting the immigration of Muslims?  Of course you have, it’s all over Facebook for fuck’s sakes…  I mean, that’s where everybody gets their news right?

Anyway, it turns out Trump actually never banned members of the Islamic faith.  You see he banned people entering the country that come from points of origin rife with terrorist activity.  Except for some Christian refugees from the Middle East—because they are no-shit getting massacred by Muslims and we haven’t exactly had a rash of extremist-Christian terrorist incidents lately.  So letting in Christian refugees from the Middle East I can probably live with.

Next point, the media has totally been characterizing this as an anti-Muslim move.  Again showing their stripes.  To the point where I see geniuses on social media claiming “wait until the fascist picks your group to discriminate against next.”  Well, I got news for all you rocket-scientists out there that think that the immigration policies of the last eight years were fair…  because they weren’t.  Not even by a long shot.  Let’s not even talk about illegal-immigration, let’s just talk about legal-immigration.  I personally attended at least half a dozen naturalization ceremonies all over the country during the last administration.  And you know who wasn’t terribly well represented at those ceremonies?  White people.  Nope, practically none.  You want to know what the percentage of white males were represented?  Not too terribly many at all.  Don’t believe me?  Go ahead and look up the immigration statistics…  if you can find them.  The Obama administration has had a tendency to be opaque about such issues.  And those that are out there are dubious at best.

Now I recognize the fact that there are more Chinese people in this world than Caucasians so necessarily in a fair system there would be a minority of them in any cohort of naturalized citizens.  Sure.  But while I did see a number of former Chinese citizens swearing their allegiance to the the United States, they too were in a small minority.  You can look those numbers up too if you like.  Of course the numbers at the link are suspect based upon my own personal experience.  In fact, I believe there might have been some “book cooking” going on to come up with those percentages.

If we’re going to have a discussion on immigration, then let’s do it armed with some facts.  Not a bunch of MSM propaganda-induced rage.  That’d be a nice change wouldn’t it?


Update:  Here’s the actual text of the Executive Order.  Go ahead and read it...  unless of course you don’t give a shit.

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Trump Makes an Excellent Point

There was a ton of coverage of the “Pussy March” this last week.  I’m not sure if that was its official name, but that’s what I’m going to call it.  Trump was interviewed about it and he had this response:

The MSM mouthpiece in the video got visibly uncomfortable and rightfully so, because Trump was correct.  Mostly anyway.  Here’s some coverage from the BBC on the pro-life event—an event largely ignored by the American media:

Thousands of people joined the event, held each year to mark the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision legalising abortion.

Vice-President Mike Pence told them: “Life is winning again in America”.

It comes less than a week after a large protest against Mr Trump was held in the nation’s capital city.

You can go here to read the whole thing if you like.

Bottom line—the MSM is actively activist in opposition to the sitting president and the gloves are off.


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Women’s Rights Meets Idiocracy

This is just too funny…  I thought I’d have to share:

I know this is late in coming given the ongoing efforts to clean up the snail trail that Hillary holdouts slimed all over the country last weekend.

But can we say it? These were bitches that bought plane and bus tickets in advance of Hillary’s coronation and couldn’t get their deposits back.

One in particular stood tall above all the others. First among equals. A brave face that should be carved into the stony stretchmarks of Mount Thrushmore.

In honor of Ashley Judd’s meritorious service in illustrating what a complete bunch of whacked-out-of-their-gourds, loopy cunts her and her supporters were/are/forever will be…I present her with the coveted Red Vag of Courage.

Please…  go here and read the rest of it.  It’s well worth your time.


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Trump’s War with the Media

There is currently a shitstorm going on revolving around Trump’s new Press Secretary arguing with CNN (and the rest of the MSM) about the size of his inauguration crowd.  Frankly, the whole thing is unbelievably childish—both for the White House and for the media.  But they are fully engaged with going to war over this.

I wonder though if Trump is playing the media again—running a clever deception plan to keep them screaming over something utterly meaningless, while the president and congress go about pushing through controversial and substantive legislation.

I hope so, or else the White House has lowered itself to flinging monkey poo with the MSM.  Certainly fun I’m sure, but counterproductive nonetheless.


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This Would Be The BBC

American Government Decries Canada’s Grants of Asylum

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Bizarro World

So let me get this straight…

It’s bad when the Russians “hack” the Democratic National Committee and release accurate—yet embarrassing—e-mails to the world.  So we need to restart the Cold War as a result.

It’s okay when Bradley (or Chelsea if you prefer) Manning compromises thousands of classified documents… which got people killed.  That gets a sentence commuted.

Yup, makes perfect sense to me.


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Hacking a Narrative

The Left has begun employing a new tactic in the propaganda campaign against the president-elect, and that is a blatant attempt to de-legitimize the election by claiming that it was unduly and illegally influenced by a foreign power.  In this case—Russia.  They are doing so with deceptive wording by claiming that the election was “hacked.”  It appears that the term “Election Hacking” has legs—at least among the members of the left-leaning community.  It may even be getting legs among the low-information voters out there who follow things like the Kardashians or Mariah Carey’s lip-syncing.  This is of course, by design.

The whole issue swirls around e-mails transmitted between members of the Democratic Party leadership, including but not limited to Hillary Clinton.  The content of those e-mails proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the party is corrupt, and that the senior members of it have been involved in unethical and perhaps illegal activities for a very long time.  Very little of what has been exposed in those e-mails has been disputed for its accuracy—very little at all in fact.  The shrieking indignation comes from the fact that they were exposed to the light of day and the American people got to see them.  So in light of this, these grifters are trying to find a scapegoat and for that they have chosen the Russians.

The White House has now jumped on the band wagon and they have taken direct action against the Russians by expelling diplomats and making very incendiary public statements.  They’ve done all this without disclosing any sort of evidence to the American people—and we’re suppose to take it on faith that they are being honest with use, all after the e-mails show them to be cesspool of liars.  So the president that told Mitt Romney that his comments about Russia were silly and that “The 80’s called and wanted their foreign policy back,” is the same guy that is kicking off the second round of the Cold War.  Forget the fact that the Chinese were definitely guilty of the OPM hack and the Obama administration did exactly NOTHING in response.  So this is a craven political move and it is obviously designed to damage Donald Trump.

This whole thing is disgusting and the MSM is going along like the happy little lapdogs that they are.  They are actively trying to damage the president-elect before he is sworn in so that he will be weakened.  I cannot think of another example of this in our history and it sickens and shocks me.

It’s time we let people know that we see through this charade.  Correct someone anytime they use the term “election hacking” and make sure they are made to restate the issue as the “Truthful Democrat Party e-mails Exposed to the American People.”  Doesn’t really have a ring to it, but it is more accurate.

Why not try it on for size?


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Happy 2017!

Here’s to a year of watching liberal heads explode.



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Just for the Record…

If they want me to go to war over Russian hacking of the election, I’d really like to see some evidence first.




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Going Full Bulworth

@20committee is currently arguing that the recent matter is driven by failures of diplomacy on Netanyahu’s part.

I’m not convinced.

I first heard that this Bullworth or Bulworth movie is about a hard left politician who pretends to be moderately left until he figures he no longer has anything to lose.

Obama is said to have referred to this movie in terms of something he would like to do himself.

Obama had an Ambassador and SecState in place to pull this off. Which might have been challenging if either had any expectations of future elected office, and were not interested. That argues premeditation on Obama’s part that would likely have predated the recent differences with Israel.

The matter of Iran’s nuclear program also speaks to Obama’s long term intentions for the region. Assuming he isn’t simply severely cognitively impaired.

I think this may have always been part of his long term plan. My strongest counterargument is the case that he is too much of a drugged up loser to have that much capacity for long term planning.

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TNN (I mean CNN) is Getting Sued…

for racial discrimination!

The 40-page lawsuit filed in the United States District Court in the Northern District of Georgia said blacks – especially black males – are discriminated against in evaluations, compensation and promotions. Blacks receive “disproportionately lower scores on evaluations,” the lawsuit alleges.

It says based on data provided by Turner, blacks are terminated at a higher rate than whites and promoted at a significantly slower rate. And the lawsuit said written and unwritten policies and practices for performing evaluations and promotions discriminate against blacks. Those policies “allow supervisors to essentially handpick candidates through word of mouth for available positions and make promotion decisions on the basis of subjective criteria,” the lawsuit said. “This system prevents qualified African-Americans from competing equally for positions or even knowing that they are available.”

Meachum said at a press conference Wednesday morning at his downtown Atlanta office that he has been collecting information about CNN and Turner for three years before filing the class-action suit.

Go here and read the whole thing.  It is delicious.

So the liberal overlords at CNN are a bunch of racist hypocrites…  who knew?

Anyone with a brain, that’s who.


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75 Years Ago Today


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