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More Gun Control Smoke and Mirrors

Have you ever heard a gun grabber refer to violent crime statistics from other countries and contrast them with the U.S. to try and highlight how out of control our murder rates are?  Yes, I know you have.  You should … Continue reading

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The Great American Ammunition Drought

I got a report earlier this week that a buddy of mine was able to purchase some 55 grain Federal .223 at Walmart.  There was a limit of three boxes per customer—but he was able to get three 100-round boxes … Continue reading

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Heartless Motherfuckers

Apparently Jim Carrey thinks people who purchased military-style rifles since the Sandy Hook shooting are a bunch of “heartless motherfuckers.”   Mr. Carrey thinks I’m a heartless motherfucker eh?  So be it.  Check out what I bought.   That there … Continue reading

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Gratuitous Gunnery

As promised I am posting a pic of my latest projects—a couple of AR platforms with some sweet bling.  As some of you may already know, I’ve had an M-4orgery for awhile now but I recently spent some time and … Continue reading

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New toy (hush hush)

Finding anything “scary looking” (and the ammo to feed it) isn’t happening for months, due to the World’s Greatest Gun Salesman opening his mouth. So I found this humble looking honey (see below the fold)

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A Bit of Hypocrisy to Brighten Your Day

(H/T Insty) Marcus

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I am MagPul’s bitch

Been pimping out my AR-15 for some time…finally get her right where I like her.  Pretty much anything that isn’t metal on these things is from MagPul. So I decided to throw down and get my AR-10 configured to match. … Continue reading

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Zombie dental work

Thanks to Brother Marcus and a shady munitions deal, I was able to scrape together the petty cash to put a nice piece of glass on my new target AR-15. It’s a Nikon 6-24×50 with a fine crosshair, on top … Continue reading

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Martini Henry Rifles

I’ve got some for sale… anybody want one? Mostly Mark II’s… I’ve got a couple of Mark III’s, but one’s only really good for a parts gun. They look bad-ass.  They make wonderful accessories for reenacting scenes from your favorite … Continue reading

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Two Scoops of Hooah

AM15-1 I’ll be in my bunk. Marcus

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Don’t Bring a Bureaucrat to a Gunfight

Most of us have been waiting for the last two years for the Obama administration and the Democratic-controlled congress to go after our Second Amendment rights. That never came to fruition, probably because the liberals running the country right now … Continue reading

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Thank you, SCOTUS

You’ve seen the news. Chicago hand-gun ban struck down in a 5-4 (no surprise there) decision that had enough written about it to clearly extend beyond this single ruling. Washington (CNN)—In another dramatic victory for firearm owners, the Supreme Court … Continue reading

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TSA backs down…sort of…and gets away with warrantless siezure

Boing-Boing reports that the TSA has withdrawn their search warrant. In some ways this is good, but in another it is very bad. By withdrawing they avoid…for now…any court hearings on the matter while still getting a great deal of … Continue reading

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A Die Hard Moment

Following an accidental discharge a kidnapped man gets control of the gun and shoots kidnappers. Awesome: “All of a sudden, by the grace of God, between these two fools, I hear boom and then I hear her hollering and screaming, … Continue reading

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Compassion down the barrel of a gun…

There are so many reasons to love this story. “He said, ‘Hurry up and give me the money, give me the money!’ and I said, ‘Hold on’,” Sohail recalled in a phone interview with CNN on Tuesday. Sohail said he … Continue reading

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Insurance premiums, what?

OK, so I’m quite comfortable with the fact that if someone breaks in while I’m at home, I have the proper security to both be alerted to their presence, and to deal with them if they present a threat (my … Continue reading

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Civilians Shouldn’t Have Guns

Only law enforcement and the military are competent enough to handle them. Marcus

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Remember when Obama promised to defend your 2nd Amendment rights?  Check this out: Embedded video from CNN Video (H/T Free Republic) Marcus

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Nordyke for teh win!

Just heard that the Nordyke decision is out, and (courtesy of the 9th Circuit, no less), the 2nd Amendment has been incorporated. The Nordykes lost their actual case (having gun shows in Alameda County) on narrow procedural grounds, but the … Continue reading

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Range report, AR-10A4

I couldn’t wait the two more weeks for my EOTech sight to show up, so I bought some raised rings, and threw an old reliable 4 power scope onto Vera.

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