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Is it just me or is the rhetoric gone from insane to off the deep end? I am seriously getting worried about where all of this is heading. Marcus

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Trump’s Ban on Muslims

Has anyone else been reading or hearing about President Trump’s recent Executive Order restricting the immigration of Muslims?  Of course you have, it’s all over Facebook for fuck’s sakes…  I mean, that’s where everybody gets their news right? Anyway, it … Continue reading

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Trump Makes an Excellent Point

There was a ton of coverage of the “Pussy March” this last week.  I’m not sure if that was its official name, but that’s what I’m going to call it.  Trump was interviewed about it and he had this response: … Continue reading

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Women’s Rights Meets Idiocracy

This is just too funny…  I thought I’d have to share: I know this is late in coming given the ongoing efforts to clean up the snail trail that Hillary holdouts slimed all over the country last weekend. But can … Continue reading

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Trump’s War with the Media

There is currently a shitstorm going on revolving around Trump’s new Press Secretary arguing with CNN (and the rest of the MSM) about the size of his inauguration crowd.  Frankly, the whole thing is unbelievably childish—both for the White House … Continue reading

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This Would Be The BBC

American Government Decries Canada’s Grants of Asylum

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Bizarro World

So let me get this straight… It’s bad when the Russians “hack” the Democratic National Committee and release accurate—yet embarrassing—e-mails to the world.  So we need to restart the Cold War as a result. It’s okay when Bradley (or Chelsea … Continue reading

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Hacking a Narrative

The Left has begun employing a new tactic in the propaganda campaign against the president-elect, and that is a blatant attempt to de-legitimize the election by claiming that it was unduly and illegally influenced by a foreign power.  In this … Continue reading

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