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  1. Registered User says:

    My current working hypothesis is that marijuana causes certain types of mental impairment that that Speaker to Lab Animals and his coworkers have yet to empirically isolate. The signature that I see matches certain apparent issues with Obama’s thinking.

    Screwed up brain chemistry can cause all sorts of issues. If marijuana causes a consistent pattern for some of its damage modes, then one might expect stoners to be blind to pot impairment in other stoners. Also, stoner and pot impaired voters might tend to find stoner and pot impaired candidates more compelling and convincing than candidates with all of their mental facilities intact. If there are enough such voting, it may distort the distribution of mental functioning among politicians and political activists that the sort of argument in the video might be expected.

  2. blt says:

    Sheesh, I wish I knew who you were, “Registered User”

    In fact, I’m sure we have met and gotten along like gangsters…any, drop a hint on your ID

    That said, your analysis is probably too detailed. Simply put, morons are morons. Smoking dope is like moron fuel.

  3. Registered User says:

    You may remember my walls of text from the Kratskeller or Politics. (My username here might remind you of the one there, with worse spelling. I was also perhaps the most rabidly anti-pot guy on the bar, and I’m currently abnormally enraged about that issue. So you’re probably right about me reading too much of that into things.*)

    I took a break from posting on the bar over a year ago due to some RL stuff. (This was a bit after the first new version of the Bar with the post-Arnold team.) I still don’t have things back together enough. (I lurked for years on the Bar. I mainly started posting because the bar worked seamlessly enough with the system I had then that I could take the time I needed without shutting down everything else I needed to do.)

    *I honestly think that if there is a greater amount of stupid BS in the body politic today, that pot may have played a role in that. I also think that the pot vote may have helped Obama win in ‘08. I doubt this has any great relevance to the deep questions of this election. Whatever the cause, some people are idiots who ought not be around sharp objects, children, or positions of trust or leadership. The law, which we have designed for freedom, could never be a perfect tool for ensuring this. There are tradeoffs. We can try and use common sense, but human systems are always imperfect no matter what tools we use.

    There is a lot we can’t do, some we have an imperfect consensus on, and some that would take a lot of effort and a long wait.

    I can think of one other thing.

    I count eleven days until the election.

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