Where to buy the goodies…

So I discovered another online vendor of arms and other goodies.

They’ve been good to me over at www.joeboboutfitters.com

They also give a 5% discount to vets, and generally offer free shipping on orders over $90.  This matters as some of their prices are a tad higher than other suppliers, but once you factor in the vet discount and shipping, it’s on par or below what others are offering.  They’re also a store-front operation out of Kansas…and their redneck theme is just a hoot (I think they used Marcus as a model for their cartoon character).

On that note, I’d like to call out a few other online vendors that are my “go to” people to check for things (generally ammo, but also occasional accessories), check below the fold:

www.jgsales.com  I met these guys at gun shows in Arizona.  They’re generally the KILLER people to go to for old surplus weapons and ammo.  They certainly offer modern factory ammo and arms, but you’ll usually find them the best deal for the C&R stuff and old surplus ammo.

www.aimsurplus.com  I think I’ve put the owner’s kids through college…especially buying out Bulgaria’s surplus 5.45×39mm.  They’re generally my go-to place for bulk modern ammo of any sort.

www.midwayusa.com  These guys offer a very diverse set of ammo and accessories.  It’s where you go when you want anything/everything.  Prices are fair (you generally won’t find some killer deal on Krakistani Surplus 8mm bulk), but I’ve always found one-off accessories I need here, and their reloading supplies (bullets, in my experience) are a must-check resource when in the market for ‘em.

www.cheaperthandirt.com  CTD is a powerhouse.  They offer the firearms stuff, often at good prices, but they’re also a military surplus house, and will have helmets, body armor (those old German vests I posted about this summer), Chinese milsurp manually cranked generators,  German field phones, esbit stoves, and all sorts of other good stuff.  I was a bit turned off to them after the last presidential election, since they immediately jacked up their prices on the go-to “Democrats are going to fuck us over” supplies like magazines…but I think I’ve forgiven them by now.  Everyone else sold out immediately, and they were just playing the demand-side of the market.  Besides, I didn’t pay for that shit at that time.

Each one of these places has been 100% with me.  No shenanigans, rapid order acceptance and shipping, and 0% bullshit.

The way a free market should be…and I’m doing my part by giving them a hat-tip here.

If you have any online go-to places to shop, please reply and let us know…and I’m talking Man Products here, not shit like scented candles.

Plus, I’ve bought all the crap I need right now, so I can safely mention them to the horde without fears of having my go-to stock bought out.  :)


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  1. Registered User says:

    Lesse, all that really comes to mind are Amazon and Baen, both of which are fairly useless for me to say.

    The only other place that I’ve personally bought from was called something like Rob’s Anime Corner Store or something, which I mainly know from Denbeste’s recommendation. That probably doesn’t count as Man Stuff, even if it isn’t scented candles.

    I’d guess that anyone interested in industrial supply would have already heard of MSC, McMaster-Carr, and Grainger, whom I have heard good things of. I’ve had good results from catalog trawls for at least two of those three, but I haven’t bought anything from them myself, nor do I know all of them well enough to be certain on the spelling.

    What can I say? I’m cheap and distrustful.

  2. Blacklight says:

    You rotten bastard.

    I didn’t need to see that or spend that Money!


  3. blt says:

    Rumors of any kickbacks I’m receiving are GREATLY exaggerated.

  4. LoneWolf545 says:

    If you haven’t already, get your C&R FFL, costs $30 for three years and you get pretty good discounts at a number of vendors, including MidwayUSA and Brownells. Mine has paid for itself already, and I haven’t even ordered any guns yet.

  5. Marcus says:

    That’s great info!

    Do you need to sell any guns to have a C&R FFL? If not, I need to look into getting one.

  6. tweell says:

    There’s no requirement to buy or sell anything in order to have a C&R FFL. The form is: http://www.atf.gov/forms/download/atf-f-5310-16.pdf


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