All Your Rifles Are Belong to Us

I think I may have found my next impulse-buy.


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10 Responses to All Your Rifles Are Belong to Us

  1. Severus says:

    Let it go man…just let it go.

  2. Registered User says:

    1. The camera view reminds me of a first person shooter.

    2. Mechanically, it would be easier to carry the extra magazines on the body, close to the body.

    3. I can’t help but think that most of the extra ammunition was wasted by not hitting things. I imagine that holding it a different way, which would be easier if it were lighter, would help the guy hit more. Maybe I just can’t tell what is happening in the video.

    4. I think it looks almost as confused as a suppressor on a revolver.

    5. If the sales brochures of machine vision integrators are anything to go by, especially given the rest, I doubt the lighting is ideal for the imaging task. The human eye is a really fancy camera, but I expect that as with other cameras, appropriately designed lighting makes the processing easier. Where they were shooting seemed well lit, so what conditions were they planning for with four flashlights, and how well does the lighting actually work?

    6. The only point of this I can see is making fun of people who senselessly clutter their firearms with accessories. Else why put all that stuff on top, only to not use it?

    7. The second amendment protects arms that offend my sense of function, which has a big overlap with my sense of beauty. Insert the traditional statement about the great importance of the upcoming election.

    8. I think the headache that kept me up last night is coming back. Still many tens of times better than listening to Obama. Well, I enjoyed the video on net, and I do not enjoy listening to Obama.

  3. blt says:

    Registered User: You win at missing the point. You CANNOT be awesome without this rifle!

  4. caohaoim says:

    A hundred round drum mag would be awesome. This is just awesomely silly. A very fun silly but still silly.

  5. Registered User says:

    I am very comfortable with my current level of awesome. I have something like seven or eight hundred in Billy Versus SNAKEMAN, and can’t be bothered to go after more at this point. Grins, ducks, and runs away laughing before stopping and wincing at the headache.

    Seriously, missing the point is sometimes a hobby of mine, and I was probably letting the engineering tendencies have their way with the keyboard to distract me from noticing the headache.

    The tacticool, and apparently hence the awesome factor could probably be significantly be enhanced by taking a large snub nosed revolver, putting a suppressor on it, and then somehow mounting it on the carbine.

  6. caohaoim says:

    Billy Versus SNAKEMAN?? Had to look that up. I must not be awesome at all.

    That being said dis the revolver and put a 10KW CO2 laser on it powered by a backpack mounted generator. Preferably, an unshielded pebble bed reactor or pulse jet rotor tip design that can double as a personal helicopter.

  7. Registered User says:

    Billy is just an anime parody browser game mostly set up and created by a single guy, for whom it is a labor of love. Certain things in it grant what are called awesome points. I have 880, which is where I got when I lost interest in trying to get more.

    About the laser, I dunno. CO2 lasers are common enough that they should be lower maintenance, and cheaper than more esoteric options, which might be pushing it too far in the direction of making sense. Still, I don’t know the size or weight of a 10KW Ytterbium fiber laser, but I imagine it would be closer to sane on the cooling and maintenance end.

    My inner laser safety officer wept. Then it applied for more training, actual training, at the same time it requested a transfer.

    Anyway, why not mount the revolver, the cutting laser, and a flamethrower? Maybe because the flamethrower would weigh too much?

  8. caohaoim says:

    They will both weigh in at about 800 to 1000lbs not counting the generator. I assume a totally awesome powered exoskeleton with towable fuel supply. You get better continuous power from the fibre. A CO2 laser is something you can actually build in your basement from off the shelf or DIY components. ytterbium or other rare earth doped glass fibre is still hard to do in the basement. The flame thrower is very doable since you are towing all that fuel for the exoskeleton.

  9. Registered User says:

    I don’t have a basement. My kitchen floor is low enough on space that I’d prefer not to do a motherboard replacement on it. I really should have a basement or storm shelter considering the tornadoes around here.

    I figured size might be an issue, given what I remember of the sizes just for high end marking lasers. I’d known that there was such a thing as a man portable flamethrower, so I figured that it was the most feasible part of the concept.

    At this point, it seems like we are talking about attaching a bunch of stuff to whatever frame the laser hardware is mounted on, rather than attachments to a carbine.

    All in all, it still sounds more physically possible to me than Obama’s energy policy, assuming we treat as credible his claims that he is not deliberately trying to stifle the economy. I still have major feasibility concerns, but those are kind of the entire point.

  10. caohaoim says:

    I belong the the local makerspace and we are always going to the physical limits of our fancy. Presently, I am restoring a 9” Southbend lathe and debating converting it to CNC.

    Another Member is restoring a horizontal boring machine so if we combine them gun barrels are in my future. What about a 1.00 caliber carbine with a beta-c drum mag? I know I could cast the brass but drawing brass it is a lot more difficult.

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