The Next Four Years

So, for the next four years do I have to listen to the president continue to blame all of our problems on George Bush still?  Or are we past that now?

Just wonderin’.


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  1. Blacklight says:

    Nope, I heard him say it today already!

  2. blt says:

    No, he’s going to blame an “obstructionist” House that clearly wasn’t elected to sign off on his wish-list. Remember: Bush’s 51% wasn’t a mandate, but Obama’s 50% is!

  3. Severus says:

    Regardless of what is said, the plan remains the same. Pay off everything you can as quickly as you can. Continue to stockpile and improve your position….simply wait. By 2014 the as the advent of the pullout of Afghanistan begins the economy will only get worse. I predict that we will have double digit unemployment and buyers remorse will be in full swing. As I predicted, “O” pulled it off.

    Severus’ First Law of the Masses prevails: Never underestimate the blatant stupidity of the weak willed masses; they will screw you everytime. (These same said masses will fully expect you to protect them and take care of them the very moment everything goes to hell. That is Severus’ Second Law of the Masses.)

    What should have been done was to push for winning the Senate, thus chopping him off at the knees, forcing him to adjust. Now we have to wait for an additional two years before that happens. Consider what damage he can do for the next 783 days.

    All that we can hope for is that the economy doesnt do a nose dive inside of a year or that the EU doesnt come crashing down so suddenly (because of the PIIGS) causing a cascade affect to both us and the Chinese. If that happens, well then folks, it will be game on, or game over as the case may be, inside of two (2) to six (6) months.

    He will blame everybody but himself and then we will see the “Imperial Decrees” come into play. The “blues” will flock to him based on the promise of protection and the “reds” will point their fingers and say “I told you so.” Then get ready for the redistribution and the rationing and all of the government oversight that will be supposedly necessary in order to maintain good order and discipline. Oh yes, gents…it will be everything your Uncle Churchill warned you about but this time it wont be across the Channel; nope, it will be in your own back yards.


  4. I hope the “obstructionist” really do give him things to blame them for for the next four years. Ever time he does I will smile.

  5. blt says:

    “Regardless of what is said, the plan remains the same. Pay off everything you can as quickly as you can.”

    Maybe…though if hyper-inflation is certain, paying off loans becomes super easy. Note: I don’t think hyperinflation is coming. Not in our worst dreams will we turn into Zimbabwe or Weimer Germany. In fact, a buddy at work thinks we are destined into hyper-inflation, so I called him out on it, and told him to go buy the largest plot of arable land he can get a loan for. Then told him to pay it off after 6 months of hyper-inflation makes the dollar value of the loan equal to the price of a meal. He conceded he wasn’t quite so certain after all.

    In any case, the Democratic seemed pretty incapable of doing, well, ANYTHING lately, so I hope that trend will continue. Republicans still hold the house. We’re not hosed yet.

    When we do get hosed, though, expect your retirement savings to get “seized for your own protection,” or at the very least, the rules to change “you can’t access your 401Ks or IRAs until you’re 80…I mean, 82…no, let’s go with 85.” I’m sure the Social Security retirement age will also climb accordingly.

    America can’t crash easily…not even the current batch of clowns can pull that off. But America can certainly suck. Hard. Prepare for the suck.

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