Let them die…

When the time comes, just remember what Captain James Tiberius Kirk says about Klingons.

This will have to be your mantra when the food riots erupt in the major cities and the law of the jungle replaces the law of the land. When sanity no longer prevails and all you can do is to take  care of you and yours. Something to consider….

About Severus

A heavily armed Conservative Libertarian that is currently awaiting the Zombie Apocalypse while clinging to my guns and religion. Harumph!
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4 Responses to Let them die…

  1. caohaoim says:

    My biggest worry is I don’t even own a rifle anymore. Unemployment sucks.

  2. Don’t worry caohaoim, I’ll lend you one. But you’ll have to stand a watch of course.

  3. Blacklight says:

    Building a new one myself, so I have extra:-)

    Hope you like winter though:-)

  4. caohaoim says:

    My post got eaten. Oh well.
    Thank you for the kind offers I hope this means in case of emergency you are consolidating defensive positions to the Milwaukee area.

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