Just in Case You Were Interested…

Vodka and chocolate milk is fucking delicious.

Feel free to try it out.

You’re welcome.


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7 Responses to Just in Case You Were Interested…

  1. Blacklight says:

    Isn’t that just a really cheap White Russian?

  2. TimC051170 says:

    My wife drinks a similar drink, though she uses marshmallow vodka and baileys in it.

  3. What the hell?! You run out of juice and now you getting all fru-fru on your drinking? I think you need a hops intervention before you start whipping up all your drinks in a blender with fresh fruit wedges. Friends don’t let friends drink Metro… BLT and I may have to do a snatch and grab of you from your house, take you to a dive strip club and force cheap draft beer into you. That should revert you back to the Marcus we know and love(in a non-metro way).

  4. Marcus says:

    Yup, I pretty much ran out of juice and needed something to mix with my cheap Barton’s vodka in a pinch. I consider it an exercise in adaptation.

  5. I’ll bring a jug of cheap vodka over never time round.

  6. blt says:

    Wow, all sorts of learnin’ going on here.

    Like Tim, I was actually introduced (quite recently) to a similar concoction by the wife (marshmallow vodka and hot chocolate). She drinks as much in any given year as I do over a holiday weekend or two, so when she offers a new drink, I just have to try it on principle. It was totally delicious.

    Then I lit off the .50 cal Kentucky pistol (powder only) in the basement just to re-establish male kharma.

  7. caohaoim says:

    Almost any hooch combined with Hot coffee, cream and sugar to taste. If you need a chocolate fix for that I keep unsweetened chocolate syrup cubes in the freezer.

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