Another kind of hero.

Today Tripp and I went to a model railroad display. He wore his favorite camo outfit. It was awesome. On the way back home we stopped at a grocery store to pick up a few things. On our way up the final aisle to the check out our conversation drifted between “Daddy, can I have that?” “no.” “Okay’ and questions about the army and military life. An older gentleman was behind us.

When we got to the check out Tripp asked if he could have a candy. I told him only the ones on sale. Suddenly the old man pressed twp dollars into Tripp’s hand. “buy what you want.”

I locked eyes with this guy…who knows in today’s world…the man, seeing my concern told me that his son got married just before he deployed to Iraq and never made it back. He’ll have no grandchildren. Tripp bought a sale candy and went to give him back the extra dollar.

The man said “use it for another candy another day” and hurried off. The sales clerk had to run after him because he had left his groceries on the wheel.

I am of mixed emotions right now.

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  1. caohaoim says:

    I’ve helped out a few times at events at the local VA hospital, Woods, you see this look in the eyes of some of the volunteers there who have lost people. Haunted might begin to describe it. It’s not any place I’ve ever been. It’s just a pause and then they go back to pouring coffee, passing cookies or whatever.

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