Of Prophecy and Avatars.

Over 12 years ago, when I was supervising a cabinet install, I rested the ball of my right thumb, unknowingly, on a drop of contact cement for Formica. I pulled away and left a pea sized chunk of my thumb behind. It healed and I had a small bit of keloid tissue to deal with. Then about nine month ago the scar began to spread. It headed north to my nail. Right now the usual place for a nail to emerge from is about 3/16th below normal. It hurts like hell. I showed it to my doc and he hadn’t seen anything like it so I went to a hand specialist. He hadn’t seen the likes, either. So we x-ray.

He then checked me for Lymph Node swelling. None there. But the mass around the top of my thumb concerns him even after the X-Ray. So MRI next week. Possibly a keloid; most likely something else. Pretty much 90% of the outcomes involves the loss of my thumb above the first knuckle.

Anyone want to guess my first CompUserve nickname?

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  1. caohaoim says:

    AhHere is hoping the 10% is the outcome.

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