Home on the Range

Went out to the local firing range yesterday to bust some caps and noticed that the vast majority of the weapons out there were AR-style rifles. Funny that.

Eugene Stoner would be so proud.


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  1. Blacklight says:

    Went out too burn some brass on Saturday and to test out a rebuild on a Remington 721 in .270. Damn thing is a nail driver. Noticed every one else was ( all three people on the rifle range anyway) was using Mr. Stoner’s Fine build as well.

  2. MD is looking to push new laws that may have Zess, and her support staff, in a vacuum bag with a 10 dig grid. I fraking HATE this state.

  3. caohaoim says:

    Anything you can’t have in MD ship to me in WI, the nations newest concealed carry State with a Republican Governor, Senate and Assembly.

  4. I need to start construction on my bunker complex pronto…

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