Gone Shopping

Went to Sportsman’s Warehouse yesterday to see what was still available just out of mild curiosity. The only .223 ammo still on the shelves were a few boxes of 40 and 77 grain stuff, and some 64 grain tracer rounds. If you wanted 55 grain Federals, you had to go to the gun counter and ask for them, but you were limited to two twenty-round boxes per customer. Most other calibers were in good supply except for .308, which was picked over just as much as its smaller cousin.

When I went up to the gun counter I found not a single military-style rifle in stock. Lots of shotguns and hunting rifles, but nothing that you would call “tactical.” They did have two AR upper receivers for sale, but they were chambered in .22 Long Rifle, so there wasn’t much interest in those.

Semi-automatic pistols were in decent supply, but you could tell that they had sold a significant number of those as well. Supplies were available, but I would guess that they won’t be for too long at this rate.

I think it is safe to say that the current leadership in Washington has been successful in putting more military-style rifles and semi-automatic pistols in the hands of the citizenry than any other in American history. Irony is a cold bitch.


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