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Today I went to one of the local Eastern Krasnovian outfitters—you know, the BIG one—and did some shopping for ammo and reloading items.  I knew the pickings would be thin, but I was there more out of curiosity than anything else.  As expected, the firearm section, and by extension the ammo section, was picked over pretty well.

The gun racks had huge holes in them with nothing to fill them but empty space.  A phenomenon I have never experienced in this particular place before.  At least when I was at Sportsman’s Warehouse last week, the holes were filled with duck guns and deer rifles—at this place the cupboards were bare.

Ammunition as you might expect was picked over pretty well too.  I don’t know how it got missed, but there was a sealed ammo can full of American Eagle 150 grain .308 (7.62 NATO)—which amounted to 200 rounds.  Yes, I snatched it up even though it was selling for about 90 cents a round… but I had a coupon which brought the price back down to 75 cents a round, which was fair.

I went over to the reloading section and as you might expect the bullets, brass, powders and primers were practically wiped out.  I found two 100-round boxes of 55 grain .224 bullets for sale at $23.99 a box.  I decided to pass.  I still had some bullets in Ye Olde Man Cave and wasn’t that desperate… yet.  There was some smokeless powder available so I got some of that, and I’m still in great shape on primers from when I stocked up back in ‘08.

After that I moved on to Walmart and that’s when it really got shocking.  The ammo section was practically wiped out and the staff told me that their warehouse was empty and there was no telling when any new ammo was going to show up.  The auto-pistol cartridges were almost all gone—in fact I got the last box of .45 ACP FMJ in the store.  They were even short on cartridges that have nothing to do with “assault rifles.”  They had only one box of .270 Winchester some .243 and a handful of 30-30…  frankly, it was a bit scary.  The good news is that if you shoot .338 Win Mag or 7mm you are good to go.

It was a humbling experience.

I’m not sure that the government will successfully implement the new gun control measures that they are discussing right now, but I would venture to say that people out there are a bit edgy.  I really hope things settle down a bit…  but if you tune in to MSNBC you’ll find plenty of talking heads focusing on the gun control debate like a laser, and doing their damnedest to keep stirring the pot.

This is far from over that much is for sure.


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  1. blt says:

    “I don’t know how it got missed, but there was a sealed ammo can full of American Eagle 150 grain .308 (7.62 NATO)—which amounted to 200 rounds. Yes, I snatched it up even though it was selling for about 90 cents a round… but I had a coupon which brought the price back down to 75 cents a round, which was fair.”

    Well played, sir. I bought a hundred rounds the moment I got home from overseas for $0.80 a round. I wasn’t thrilled to do it, but I wanted some minimal range stock as everything else is sealed and stored in that caliber.

    I ventured out today at lunch to a local gun store that has, I swear, some shady connections. They have amazing ammo deals all the time, and few seem to patronize them. I don’t get it.

    In any case, they actually had several thousand rounds of 5.56 available, and perhaps a 100 30-round mags in stock. Their prices were roughly double what they were this fall, though. The owner told me he sold out his on-site inventory for sticker price, and this was all new stuff that he had to, necessarily, mark-up to either full MSRP, or distributor plus his fee. I get that.

    He also had .22 LR in stock, which I’ve had some issues finding lately…so I bought a Franklin’s worth (only 1500 rounds…yikes). However, my taste for obscure rounds has paid off as I picked up some 300 Blackout and 300 Whisper no problem.

  2. impiousone says:

    Granted, there would be huge border issues, but I wonder what the prices and availability here in the GWN are?

    Ps, try to keep a civil war from starting up. It tends to alarm the neighbours.

  3. blt says:

    Hah, Imp! Thanks for chiming in. The moment I saw that you replied to “Out and about,” my brain said “Oat and a boat.”

    Anyhow, go see if you can price up some 55 grain FMJ .223 and/or 5.56 and let us know (or whatever happens to be the cheap bulk comparative ammo up there).

    Getting the “fun” magazines up there in Hoth is a non-starter. Getting the firearms is easier, but yeah, moving them south is a problem. Ammo may be much easier to move. I shall look into it. Thanks for the great tip!

  4. LoneWolf545 says:

    Greg – Cabela’s still has Federal .22lr in stock, 2100 rounds plus an ammo can for $92 or $22 for just a box of 525 rounds. They had a deal that expired yesterday where I got $20 off an order of $150 or more.

  5. impiousone says:

    I strongly suspect that our ammunition prices up here are hugely inflated compared to all y’all’s “normal” pricing, but here is what I’ve scrounged up via a few quick websearches:

    1000 rounds, .223 FMJ: http://www.canadiantire.ca/AST/browse/5/SportsRec/1/Hunting/Ammunition/PRD~0751467P/Federal+223+Remington+Cal+55+Gr+Fmj+Ammo+Can.jsp?locale=en
    No way would this be in stock, I think. Special order.

    Cabelas Canada seems to have 500 round packs 223 in stock… http://www.cabelas.ca/index.cfm?pageID=71&&section=1187&section2=1280&section3=1476&ID=38642

    7.62 is backorder though.

    All this would be subject to Canadian purchasing rules though… ie., FAC (firearms acquisition certificate), etc.

  6. blt says:

    Thanks, Imp…those prices aren’t too much higher than they were here a few months ago (about 20-30% higher), and they’re definitely cheaper than they are now in the U.S., just given the panic buying and lack of availability.

  7. So how much are those rust and moisture retarding bury bags going for?

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