Steel Versus Brass

Here’s an interesting study comparing brass-cased ammo versus steel and its impacts on an AR platform.

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You can find the article and the detailed study here.



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6 Responses to Steel Versus Brass

  1. caohaoim says:

    I expected federal to surpass the others easily but by that much? With the other you have to keep spare rifles around.

  2. blt says:

    I had an old Colt SP1 that I sold (bad decision), that used to love the Russky steel-cased stuff. The Bushmaster and Armalite do not reliably shoot it, hence I’ve only put perhaps 300 rounds of it between them.

    And now I’m glad I’ve been sticking with Federal.

    Awesome find, Marcus…though I hope you have some spare barrels handy for your belt-fed monster, as IIRC, you shoot Tula through it. Given how it is certainly easier to swap barrels on that beast vs. an AR-15, sticking with Tula is economically and practically ideal.

  3. Marcus says:

    Sadly, I did not get a spare barrel (or two) for the Browning and predictably there are none available anywhere right now. Not that I’m doing any shooting with it—with ammo as hard to procure as it is right now, I think range trips will be on hiatus for the forseeable future.

  4. caohaoim says:

    I now have access to a big ass South Bend lathe. If I can get the right steel and the exact spec I think I can mill a barrel for the 1919.

  5. blt says:

    caohaoim: You almost certainly could…but can you do it for less than $150? Less than $60? Of course, one-time runs for buddies is another matter :)

  6. caohaoim says:

    Depends on the cost of the steel and wear on bits. Need to get or make a steady rest.
    if someone can get be an exact drawing of a barrel and the specs for the steel i can lett you know what the cost would be.

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