A Random Thought on Politics

So the president is focused like a laser beam on gun control and “immigration reform” while the economy continues to stagnate.  He was elected four years ago to tackle our economic woes, but decided to pursue socialized medicine instead.  Now he is dealing with other peripheral issues rather than facing America’s largest and most obvious problem.  It almost seems as if he has given up on fixing it, and realizes he is incapable of doing anything about turning this around.

What I’d like someone in the media to do is ask the president what his top ten priorities are for his second term.  Sort of an itemized list of what we can expect from his office.  I’d be really curious to see where “fixing the economy” ranks on such a list.

Right now the government is in full distraction/deception mode.


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  1. tweell says:

    You want the media to ask the president an insightful question? The media? Sorry, but their speaking parts are attached to his anatomy.

  2. tic tic tic tic tic…

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