Today’s headlines yesterday

As an exercise in reminding ourselves of how contemptible the opposition is, I decided to try a little mind experiment.  Put today’s headlines back in, say, 2006, during Bush’s administration, and try to imagine how the Usual Suspects would react.


“Bush opens new front in War on Terror, bombs Libya without consulting Congress

  -Is this legal?

  -Is military stretched too thin to be effective in Libya?

  -Who, really, are we helping in Libya?”

“Rumsfeld allows gays to serve.

  -With US Military suicides at an all time high, will suicides now climb higher?

  -Will this desperate attempt help bolster the numbers of an exhausted military nearing the breaking point

  -’This is just a shallow attempt to boost ratings among moderates and bring more young Americans into the death trap that is Bush’s illegal wars’ – Cindy Sheehan “

“Benghazi Terrorist Attack!  Ambassador Stevens, three others killed!

-Is this sign of administration’s failures to contain terror?

-What did Rice know, and when?

-’This is unconscionable, it was the anniversary of 9/11!  How could even this incompetent administration not see this coming?’ – Rep. Pelosi ”

You know, I can’t even continue right now…I’m disgusting myself by being reminded of how completely corrupt things are…

I encourage y’all to play along, and take a recent headline and put it back during the Bush administration, too.  Or, hell, do the opposite – say write headlines and bylines gushing over Bush’s awesome handling of post-Katrina.


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