Thunder from your Junk

Contributor BLT posted this elsewhere, and it’s worth the laugh.

PSA from BLT about the dangers of dry, cold weather and static electricity:

“So it’s been damned cold here for weeks. The furnace is running more often than not. I’m making generous use of my new warm house-shoes.

I discovered they’re pretty good electrical insulators as well.

The furnace and the cold weather is keeping things rather dry. I went to the restroom to take care of “all my business”

The act of pulling down my sweatpants and undies builds up quite a nice charge. I can tell because all the hairs on my leg are standing straight out. I sit on the toilet seat. I begin to urinate. The moment the stream makes contact with the toilet water, all the static electricity in me discharges through my…junk.

There is a loud “CRACK” that echoes forth from INSIDE THE BOWL.

All the hairs on my leg immediately fall back down into place.

I did not scream. The human body just isn’t prepared to scream in such a situation. I just sat their in mild horror after experiencing one of the the most unique sensations of my entire life.

And for the rest of my years on this earth, I will ALWAYS kick off my house shoes and touch my finger to the mounting hardware on the light switch before taking care of “all my business.”

I still laugh about this.

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2 Responses to Thunder from your Junk

  1. blt says:

    You know, I felt an obligation to respond after seeing it reposted here…but, it is what it is.

    So : My only concern is the crew of Jackass, Marcus himself, and a drunken POTR might deliberately attempt to recreate this event.

    Conclusion: You read this site assuming all risk!

  2. caohaoim says:

    I have some spare Tesla coils that could be attached to the toilet to enhance the effect.

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