What did CREW know and when did they know it?

CREW stands for Citzens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.  As we’ll see they are neither responsible nor ethical. There is something even sicker than Mark Foley’s online sexual advances against a minor.  It is CREW’S decision to make the knowledge of this an October Surprise. Which Rick Moran hints at in his Update II.The truly depraved in this disgusting affair are not Foley, or the local papers; it is CREW which withheld information that Foley had gone beyond relatively innocuous emails into full fledged sexual stalking mode.

The people running CREW ought to be horsewhipped. The progression from relatively tame comments like Foley made in 2005 to the sort of sexual stalking seen in the IM’s that CREW withheld to the actual commission of a sexual crime against a child is fairly common knowledge. That CREW would with hold knowledge of the IM’s in question until Friday, September 29th 2006 is reprehensible.

What did Hastert, the Republican Leadership and various papers such as the St. Petersburg Times know? They knew that Foley had sent a slightly strange e-mail to a former page. One that only in perfect hindsight do we see to be the opening moves of a sexual predator. There is absolutely no evidence that anyone other than CREW knew about the IM’s before they were released Friday evening.

You can read the first sequence of e-mails here.  As the boy says in his own email:

But do tell me what you think about it all. I have one friend thinking I’m being paranoid and the other saying that she thinks it is weird that he even asks for my e-mail, much more what he said.

Not enough to take a Congressman down.  The IM’s are.  It is mind boggling to know that some people will put their desire to see “their side” win over the safety of children.

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UPDATE:The American Thinker smells a rat as well.

So, the paper had nothing it could act on. But Foley’s opponent somehow got wind of the story which had appeared before only on a very new, utterly obscure blogsite and demanded an investigation. ABC then picked up the story and when it did , further anonymous sources with far more salacious and troublesome evidence appeared on the scene. What an amazing-and unlikely to me-turn of events. Like that paper, the Republican leadership only knew of the innocuous email exchange

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