Women in the Combat Arms

Okay, I’ve been holding back on this for awhile because I don’t like to post angry.  Particularly when I’m drunk and angry.  Things just get plain messy.  So now that my heart rate has come down a couple of beats per minute I thought I’d take a minute to pontificate.

Listen, I’m fucking tired of the “women in combat” arguments, because they are stupid to be quite frank.  I’ve heard all the shit about how they aren’t as strong as men (mostly true), and how men will do dumb stuff to rescue them on the battlefield (mostly probably true as well), and how the military—particularly the U.S. Army—will lower the physical standards for the women (almost certainly true).  But this does not take away from the fact that women have been serving in combat roles since Operation Just Cause in Panama.  Yes, yes… I know… there have been women fighting in combat roles long before that, but by and large it wasn’t common or policy.  There were female Military Police slinging lead in Panama assigned to line units—which was a new thing back in 1989.  Now this practice is commonplace.

One might ask… so what’s the big deal then?  They’ve been in units killing and fighting along-side the men for decades now.

Yeah, they sort of have been…  in units that are ill-disciplined, and largely combat ineffective.  And the reason isn’t because the women are weak, or that men are doing silly stuff to rescue them, or other dumb stuff.  The reason is that mixed-gender units have indiscipline problems and they are all linked to one reason.  And that reason is FUCKING.

I won’t sugar-coat it folks, it’s not “making love” or “having sex” or any other euphemism you can think of because what most young soldiers do with members of the opposite sex in uniform is hardly romantic.  It is the lowest, basest expression of the “id.”  Young soldiers fuck, and when they do they break down the fiber of good order and discipline in military units.  I’ve seen units wrecked by this.  And I’ve seen it on more often than I care to admit…  and my friends in mixed-gender units have seen a whole lot more than me.

I’ve seen leaders lose careers and marriages over these issues.  I’ve seen entire units brought to their knees for rampant STD’s.  I’ve seen units deployed combat ineffective when the majority of the women got pregnant within a few weeks of receiving their orders.

The problem is not with the men or with the women.  It’s when you mix the two together.  Female officers will fuck their enlisted subordinates.  Male officers will fuck their enlisted subordinates.  NCOs will take advantage.  Lower enlisted women will use sex to leverage influence over their peers.  It’s a game that is regularly played and it destroys readiness.  In short, it gets service-members killed.  And it does it all the time.

The bottom line is that you cannot mix genders in military units without severely degrading their effectiveness.  And the more austere the environment, the worse the problem gets.

The more you try to regulate the problem, the more problematic it becomes as well.

I recognize the fact that our country has made a conscious decision to lower our military readiness to satisfy a political agenda.

I just hope it’s worth it.


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2 Responses to Women in the Combat Arms

  1. Blacklight says:

    it won’t be.


    just some more food for thought…

  2. blt says:

    The same political agenda that thinks women could perform as infantry (you know, that with intense training, grueling field conditions, and third-world shit hole battlefields where they would close with a hardened trained enemy) is the same political agenda that thinks women could NOT be given modest training with a defensive firearm and use it to protect a classroom from an untrained teenager off his meds looking to get the next “high-score” on CNN.

    And Marcus, onto your specific observations – well, I went to college (including ROTC, but that’s besides the point) and saw the whole circus in person for a number of years.. Anyone who doesn’t realize the whole “FUCKING” point of your post here is either completely lying to themselves, completely forgot what age 17-24 was like, or engaged in the same staggering double-think as per my first paragraph above.

    Oh, and they probably were the same people who wanted tons of free birth-control available in high schools and colleges for whomever wanted it.

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