Who is CREW?

CREW has been releasing quite a bit of damning information and statements. In addition to the IM’s of Mark Foley’s explicit sexual exchange with a minor is their Top 55 most corrupt members of Congress.  Astondingly the only Democrats on the list are those who are currently under public examination by a law enforcement agency. Are only a handful of Democrats feeding at the trough, or is there something else?

Let’s take a look at the people who run CREW:

Melanie Sloan, CREW’s Executive Director, is a long time Democrat Party stalwart.  She was John Conyer’s legal counsel on the House Judiciary Committee.

Naomi Seligman Steiner, CREW’s press hack, was a the communications director for Soros’ smear machine Media Matters

Anne L. Weisman, the legal counsel seems to be fairly non-partisan.  No doubt to try and keep the rest of the fanatics from sinking the ship.

Keith Ashdown, the research director, is a former VP for Policy at Taxpayers for Common Sense.  A grooup originally used by Senator William Proxmire to hunt down his Golden FLeece Awards.  Which inevitably turned out to projects of his enemies…or downright distortions.

The list goes on, virtually every listed member of CREW’s staff has been formerly associated with a Leftist, or left leaning organization.


In other words…it’s a DNC hit squad.   JBM will be researching these people in depth and letting you, our intrepid readers, know who is out to lie to you.

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