Simple, unimpeachable analysis of gun control politics

A simple look at U.S. census data for state rates of murder per 100,000 residents ... 2s0308.pdf

And a comparison to a list of countries by murder rare per 100,000 residents … By_country

Shows basically NO correlation between gun laws, gun ownership rates, and homicides/murders.

You are as likely to be murdered in Utah as you are in (to bracket the rate) Ireland, the U.K., Greece, Canada and Belgium.

If you live in New Hampshire (least murderous state in the U.S., and another state with minimal gun laws), you are as likely to be murdered as you would in Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Italy and New Zealand.

However, if you live in D.C. (most extreme gun control), your odds of being murdered are about on-par with…(are you ready for this?) SUDAN. With a host of unsurprising neighbors on this statistic: Mexico, Tanzania, Colombia, and Congo.

Now, to be fair, there are certainly places WITH gun control that experience low crime and murder. Japan, Hawaii, Hong Kong, and so on certainly have low murder rates. It’s obvious, though, under casual scrutiny that this has nothing to do with the gun laws…and everything to do with the societies in said countries. Just as Utah and New Hampshire’s low crime rate really has nothing to do with guns and everything to do with the social situations in these states.

That said, there you have it.

(what I really love is that someone who tries to demonstrate that drug laws and drug use have no correlation to crime and social problems by pointing out places like The Netherlands and Denmark for having liberal drug laws and not having drug problems…but said same person will insist that gun laws and gun ownership IS a driver for crime and social problems, even though data from the exact same reporting agencies will also show NO correlation…ah, silly dogmatic humans!)

That is all.


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