CREW, an obscure blog and fakery

Clarice at The American Thinker makes the following observation:

So, the paper had nothing it could act on. But Foley’s opponent somehow got wind of the story which had appeared before only on a very new, utterly obscure blogsite and demanded an investigation. ABC then picked up the story and when it did , further anonymous sources with far more salacious and troublesome evidence appeared on the scene. What an amazing-and unlikely to me-turn of events. Like that paper, the Republican leadership only knew of the innocuous email exchange:

Yet this obscure blog has the e-mails in question and posted them on 9/24. As shown below this opening e-mail has the subject line: “no subject”

This is from the same emails released by CREW on 9/29. Interestingly the subject line reads: “e-mail2”.From CREW's Adobe file Someone is playing with the facts here. Read more about the odd chain of events at at Rick Moran’s site Right Wing Nut House.    

UPDATE! Stop Sexual Predators has begun a clean up of their site.  No worries, we have screen caps.  We’ll have the relevant picture back up soon.

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