More toys…

...since buying anything “interesting” is still a difficult/expensive proposition, I’ve been branching deeper into my wish list.

And I found this awesome stock I’ve been looking for.

Awesome stock, isn’t she?

Oh, what’s this?  The rubber butt-pad fell off…

WTF?  :)


Why, it’s a complete semi-auto .22!  Sealed into a water-tight, floating butt-stock!  Why, I shall slap it together!

Pew pew!


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4 Responses to More toys…

  1. Marcus says:

    I might happen to know a certain Tree Rat that has one of those as well.

  2. blt says:

    I’d love to hear his drug-addled opinion of the thing. I won’t be able to take this to the range for a bit…

  3. Blacklight says:

    Evil concealed sniper weapon.

  4. blt says:

    It’s also semi-auto and magazine fed…and black. It may even have a shoulder thing that goes up.

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