Pickings are still slim and I am burning through my reloading supplies entirely too quickly. At this rate I may have to begin rationing my range trips a little tighter.



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  1. Blacklight says:

    I’ve been hunting and scrounging…. I can find some for crap Tula ( I wouldn’t use on Zombies), but that’ been about it….I found 200 rounds of PMC 9 mm, but that ran $100. And reloading supplies are far and few to be had.

    And don’t ask about .223….... not even Wolf or Tula

    I might have to get an AK…...

  2. blt says:

    I bought some reloading supplies online…and threw in a gladius as part of the order just for the hell of it.

    Now I’m glad I did…

    That said, me and a buddy at work have several online retailers setup to notify us via email if a desired item comes in stock. My buddy’s wife is set to pounce anytime anything does, so we’re doing OK.

    I’ve also heard on the grape-vine that fresh ammo, mags and such in quantity should start kicking out in the next several weeks. Ammo, sadly, won’t see any price improvements for quite awhile, given how far into the barrel they’re having to scrape for the basic materials.

  3. Marcus says:

    Yeah, demand is high right now to say the least. I’d personally be okay with reloading supplies repopulating the shelves—but that’s just me.

    Blacklight—I’m not sure an AK is going to do you much better right now. Anything resembling a “combat caliber” is short in supply and grossly overpriced.

    That being said, I did pick up a couple of boxes of 30-30 Winchester last weekend at my local outfitter pretty reasonably. Big surprise.

  4. blt says:

    Huzzah for “slightly less than popular” calibers! My 300 blackout is still well-fed, as is the 5.45×39…heck, even the .30 carbine is good to go.

    But yeah, 7.62×39 and .223/5.56 are friggin no go. .308 is available, but still climbing in price.

  5. LoneWolf545 says:

    A major shipment of 7.62×39 must have come in recently because I was able to get a case, and it took several hours, if not days, before the vendor sold out. Price was “OK” but not great, $250/1000 rounds.

  6. blt says:

    $250? Do share the site!

    That is definitely an OK (but not great) price. When I can find it, it’s $300+

  7. LoneWolf545 says: currently has Wolf for $5.39/box for 50 or more boxes, order quickly.

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