So the defense budget is about to get eviscerated—while training and deployments will almost certainly get affected. Meanwhile, I estimate that Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has spent over $4 million of the taxpayer’s money commuting home to California on the weekends from his office in Washington D.C. Now can somebody tell me how this current crop of jackals in Washington are supposed to be good stewards of our money again?


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  1. Direct effect of sequestration: I had two new programs (4 years in development) that were to fully kick off in FY 13 and move into the final stages to put the gear out into the field. Both are now frozen. I have canceled the hiring of 30 mid level jobs (in addition to releasing 12 employees since last October already) and will probably have to cancel one of the programs outright wasting the millions already spent on it as the technology goes latent/stale in the years it will take to restart the program once it stops.

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