Assholes on the Internet

Okay, we all know that there are a whole bunch of drooling mouth-breathers out there that have learned how to navigate the World Wide Web…  no surprises there.  But the scope and scale of their ignorance never ceases to amaze me—moreover, I am also routinely taken aback at where these losers of the genetic lottery tend to show up.

Recently I put some gun parts up for sale on—and set up the auctions in the typical fashion.  Some parts I put a reserve on, others without, listed payment options and then posted the amount I will charge the buyer for shipping.  Pretty standard really, just as Doctor Evil would say.  I have always had fair dealings there, and I have a perfect A+ rating on the site.  Having said all that, I received an e-mail through Gunbroker last night from a potential buyer—okay, that’s probably not accurate—chastising me for my list prices.

This tool sends me a note informing me that my shipping fee is far too high and then proceeds to insult me, insinuating that I am fleecing people or something.  He basically said that I was attempting to make a few bucks from the shipping fee, which was diabolical in his mind.  Now remember, this person has not placed a bid on any of my items and is not on the hook at all for paying me a single red cent.  Apparently this individual is butt-hurt that he would actually have to pay me for the item(s) in question and cannot get them from me gratis.

After reading the note I thought about sending a response saying something to the effect of “Sorry, I forgot that this was a charity site whereupon I am supposed to hand out my property for free.”  Or something like that.

Is my shipping charge a little high?  Probably.  But it’s a penny auction with no reserve so literally someone could win the item(s) for that solitary red cent.  And even with the shipping cost the transaction would be a hell of a bargain for the buyer.

This douche sees my listings and then invests the time and energy to craft an e-mail to insult me, just because he can’t take the gun parts in question off my hands for next to nothing.  Classy.  Instead of doing what a normal grown-up would do—and simply not bid on the item and move on with his life—he decides to vent his moral outrage at me, over a business arrangement we haven’t made.  Pretty neat eh?

Oh well, in the end I just deleted the e-mail, put Kelly’s Heroes in the DVD player and tried to put the incident behind me.

Sigh…  what a maroon.



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  1. I can still send you random insulting emails though right? I promise to spell check em when I’ve been drinking. Honest I will!
    (I almost said Honest Indian but didn’t wish to offend some random leftist pu##y)

  2. blt says:

    That’s interesting. I had an almost identical experience several years back. I bought about 10,000 rounds of spam-can sealed 7.62×54R. I bought it for $35 a spam can.

    Then that shit shot up through the roof over the course of a year. I put it for sale in the local online classifieds for $75 ($5 less than any online price I could find, and I offered to deliver it anywhere within an hour drive of town if they bought at least two cans…and NO TAX, NO SHIPPING).

    I got a similar lecture.

    But fuck him, I sold that shit to reasonable people (they all talked me down $5 a can, and…WOW, I agreed!) and bought up a huge stash of 5.45×39 and some weapons that shot it with that cash.

    Living well is the best revenge, Marcus, and you certainly live well. POTR, however, hrmmmm, we’ll save that for another time…at least his family lives well!

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