Last night’s Walking Dead

Last night’s Walking Dead is brought to you by the letter:

C:  For “Don’t let crazy people be in charge,” and also “Carl!! THERE he is!”

and the number:

“30” for the standard capacity magazine size of any useful rifle (though “20” is perfectly acceptable for those folks slinging something in the 7.62 range…)


P.S.  The Walking Dead is sliding backwards into the “less amusing” range.  It is still amusing, however.

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4 Responses to Last night’s Walking Dead

  1. Marcus says:

    Carl was dealing—laying down suppressive fire with his gat. That there was some sweet action!

    Now, if they could scrounge him a decent rifle he might be able to do some real damage.

  2. Blacklight says:

    I’ll say it again. Perimeter Security anyone? even just a look out in a tower….. Sheeeesh!

  3. blt says:

    Any zombie fiction where the protagonists have their act together would be very boring fiction indeed.

    I mean, hell, what is scarier? Zombies – when you have modern weapons available, or a wilderness full of bears, mountain lions, and pissed off natives and all you have is muzzle-loaders? We now how the latter scenario played out…thanks to a bunch of hard-asses with their shit squared away.

  4. Marcus says:

    Yeah, a zombie scenario involving the people I know would be clinical, meticulous, and anticlimactic.

    But it would also include lots of sweet guns and kick-ass vehicles… and maybe some loudspeakers blaring country rock 24/7.

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