The Coke Matter

I have not been overly impressed with the Trump campaign’s management of PR.

So when, out of the blue, a Trump spokesman denied that Trump had been using Cocaine and committing homosexual acts, I immediately added cocaine and homosexuality to the possible models I was considering. This was some months ago, and neither possibility had been on my radar.

The sexual history model explains Trump’s LGBT stance slightly better than ‘secret leftist who socially cannot afford to be politically incorrect on this one issue’. However, it is very speculative, and mentioning it undermines said ‘secret leftist’ model, which better supports the arguments I emotionally prefer.

I noted that a Cocaine high might explain the qualities of his debating and behavior.

Recently, a Howard Dean has claimed to believe that Trump’s debate demeanor indicates cocaine use.

Many have suggested that Mr. Dean’s comments were baseless and out of bounds. I am not persuaded that this is so.

George Walker Bush had gotten into cocaine and alcohol, but had also realized he had a problem and gotten out. I think this may have been well before his time as President, and before his time as Governor. There aren’t any obvious signs of permanent harm, but perhaps there has been endless discussion about how he might have done a better job.

Barack Obama was heavy pot smoker in highschool. I strongly suspect that either that pot did him a great deal of lasting harm, or that he was never very bright.

Hitler was given meth and coke by his physician. Decent chance that this contributed to some of his poor decisions.

I would very much prefer a candidate who kept clear of certain substances, but the mental health of both candidates is so suspect that the practical difference may be pointless.

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