In four years

If people who do not understand counter-proliferation and deterrence do not sit down and build/take over the party apparatus to get candidates in place, we are very likely to have those decisions being made, again, by people who dot not really understand or care about managing the risks our country must face.

Put together a list of groups in your area where someone can speak before an audience. Explain that WWI sucked, that generation expected WWII to be a lot of gas suckage, but it didn’t. Our policy towards WMD grew out of that observation, but the post war generation was largely ignorant of it, unless they explicitly tried to learn. There was a lot of thinking that went into those programs, and we can’t simply resume them by rotating officials.

Long term, we are going to have to ‘watch the work of the seas’ before we can start rebuilding the dykes. We cannot rebuild as we are because adults in general do not have the education. We need remedial adult education first.

EDIT: Maybe should put together a youtube instead of telling people what to say.

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