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Essentially, I think National and State Democratic Parties are evil organizations, and mostly have continuity back through at least to the 1860s. (There are several Democratic state and territorial parties that did not exist back then.)

The standard objection is the claim of a major discontinuity, involving people switching between the parties. Usually, this supposedly happened in the sixties. I happen to have oral history that this is false for the state party that is where I live. There was a major mover and shaker whose career spanned dates that reasonably could be claimed as when it happened. If he was willing to join an unethical organization, his lasting influence kept it unethical. I am unmoved by residents of my state who make such claims when they were active in the Democratic Party during said career.

Consider this for the national parties.

I’d suggest that this fits a model where white nationalism and technocratic eugenics were seamlessly replaced with communism and technocratic population control.

Doesn’t ‘Evil’ go too far? What about the Nazis, were they evil? American cultural consensus is that they were, to the point that the German Nationalist Socialist Worker’s Party and the Italian Fascist Party, or any imitators absolutely deserve zero votes. The Armenian genocide, which happened around the same time, was often cited by US Officials as a reason to complain about the Kemalist government of Turkey. Boiling it down, I feel that internal slaughter along ethnic lines for political gain qualifies for the same treatment when it happens to Americans. (I’m confident of the records I keep where Americans are concerned.)

In my young adulthood I knew someone who had been looking into the location of a mass grave in my current state of residence. My distrust for my state Democratic Party is not necessarily an endorsement of my state Republican party.

I haven’t read up on the specifics, but October of 1919, Elaine, Arkansas was apparently another relevant situation. I understand around a hundred dead at Democrat hands, with involvement by Federal officials under Wilson. The Clintons joined themselves to the Arkansas Democratic Party around fifty years ago. The massacre then to them would’ve been what Woodstock is to those in their twenties now. Or the Holocaust to someone in the ‘80s or ‘90s.

That is before questions of Russian influence are raised. Or being kicked off the Watergate matter for ethics violations, or the gleeful defense of the rapist.

We are learning nothing about the character of the Clintons we didn’t know twenty years ago. We are learning nothing about the culture of the Democratic Party that wasn’t true fifty to a hundred and fifty years ago. We are learning nothing about the Gramscian march through the news media that we haven’t been inferring for decades.

The child is father to the man, and the leopard does not change its spots.

EDIT: I believe the first month I wrote was in error. Elaine, Arkansas was, IIRC, late October.

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