Primary Sources

The guy I first heard of a this cycle Clinton-Russia connection from was @20committee.

I’ve been reading a lot of Red State. The streiff guy tends to be reliably interesting. I got into Red State through Moe Lane, who had interviewed Ted Cruz more than once for Red State.

My suspicion of Trump was founded on awareness of his Democratic history. I am so hostile to the Democratic Party (see prior), that I evaluated him as I would a lawyer with close mafia ties running for DA. Given his seeming betrayal of the Democratic Party, why trust him to have any loyalty to me and mine? Pragmatically, we would have needed some Obama voters to win, so we couldn’t have publicly said that they were unfit to hold public office or positions of trust.

By May 3 I was convinced that 1) Trump and Clinton are identical as far as I am able to measure 2) They are unfit to be President 3) Their apparent connections to the Russians are troubling 4) Trump would lose to Clinton (barring only nuclear terrorism).

This last being based on a) campaign financials and GOTV b) personal temperament and media strategy c) estimates of GOP tribalism. I was at least partly wrong about how GOP tribalism would work out. I feel my forecasts on the media were largely vindicated by subsequent events.

At this point, we can only wait to see how the die falls.

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