Questions of Purpose

1. It is not implausible that the media is doing these things at the behest of Clinton or someone else. We remember the Bush years, and the outcry of madness that seems in hindsight orchestrated. It is perhaps not a good thing that the media is pissing away credibility now, so that it couldn’t be used later in case of legitimate evidence of Trump presidential foolishness, incompetence, or evil.
2. The mass violence is almost certainly being funded and stage managed. The reason is unclear, but it should be noted that Trump may not be as able to see through this, or be as cold blooded as someone clear of urban areas.
3. The Russians almost certainly had a reason to intervene in our election.

Clear certain answers to these questions might be usable. It is tempting to say that the goal is undermining the institutions of our Republic, but that is reflexive. Dunno.

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