This is CNN

I think CNN should rename itself to “TNN.”  Not after its founder Ted Turner…  no, not for that.  It needs to re-brand the network after its arch nemesis, Donald Trump and start calling itself the “Trump News Network.”  Not that they like Trump or anything, no…  just the opposite.  They loathe the man on a visceral, animal level.  But they are completely and totally obsessed with the man.  They cannot break their gaze even for a minute from him.

So CNN will inundate us with Trump coverage for the next four years…  bet on it.  Very little else of any substance will come from that media outlet—that much I’d be willing to bet on.

So let’s start a petition and have them re-name the network.  It seems only fitting since that will be the principle subject matter presented for the next four to eight years.  Seems only fitting.

Your thoughts?


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