The Trump Presidency

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting excited for January.  While Trump hardly qualifies as a serious conservative, he is far better than this cohort of Marxists that are currently living and working within the White House.  Trump is a blowhard who speaks before he thinks, but he looks like he is making some really solid picks for his cabinet, and those are the people that will be running the government from day to day.

I have to say, I increasing hopeful as we move forward (to steal some “progressive” buzz words).


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2 Responses to The Trump Presidency

  1. Registered User says:

    Mostly agree; nitpicks minor.

    If there proves to be anything legitimate to criticize, I hope to identify and describe it.

    At least Trump shouldn’t be exactly the same as Obama was and as Clinton would have been.

    I may be out of contact during the wait, or I might put together some other content.

    We shall see.

  2. tweell says:

    And let’s hear it for Mad Dog Mattis as SecDef. I’d really prefer Kratman, but he said he’d do it only if he was given a fist full of presidential pardons and as much ammo as he needed.

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