TNN (I mean CNN) is Getting Sued…

for racial discrimination!

The 40-page lawsuit filed in the United States District Court in the Northern District of Georgia said blacks – especially black males – are discriminated against in evaluations, compensation and promotions. Blacks receive “disproportionately lower scores on evaluations,” the lawsuit alleges.

It says based on data provided by Turner, blacks are terminated at a higher rate than whites and promoted at a significantly slower rate. And the lawsuit said written and unwritten policies and practices for performing evaluations and promotions discriminate against blacks. Those policies “allow supervisors to essentially handpick candidates through word of mouth for available positions and make promotion decisions on the basis of subjective criteria,” the lawsuit said. “This system prevents qualified African-Americans from competing equally for positions or even knowing that they are available.”

Meachum said at a press conference Wednesday morning at his downtown Atlanta office that he has been collecting information about CNN and Turner for three years before filing the class-action suit.

Go here and read the whole thing.  It is delicious.

So the liberal overlords at CNN are a bunch of racist hypocrites…  who knew?

Anyone with a brain, that’s who.


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  1. Registered User says:

    I haven’t seen the statistical evidence. It may be the sort that I do not find conclusive.

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