Going Full Bulworth

@20committee is currently arguing that the recent matter is driven by failures of diplomacy on Netanyahu’s part.

I’m not convinced.

I first heard that this Bullworth or Bulworth movie is about a hard left politician who pretends to be moderately left until he figures he no longer has anything to lose.

Obama is said to have referred to this movie in terms of something he would like to do himself.

Obama had an Ambassador and SecState in place to pull this off. Which might have been challenging if either had any expectations of future elected office, and were not interested. That argues premeditation on Obama’s part that would likely have predated the recent differences with Israel.

The matter of Iran’s nuclear program also speaks to Obama’s long term intentions for the region. Assuming he isn’t simply severely cognitively impaired.

I think this may have always been part of his long term plan. My strongest counterargument is the case that he is too much of a drugged up loser to have that much capacity for long term planning.

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