Hacking a Narrative

The Left has begun employing a new tactic in the propaganda campaign against the president-elect, and that is a blatant attempt to de-legitimize the election by claiming that it was unduly and illegally influenced by a foreign power.  In this case—Russia.  They are doing so with deceptive wording by claiming that the election was “hacked.”  It appears that the term “Election Hacking” has legs—at least among the members of the left-leaning community.  It may even be getting legs among the low-information voters out there who follow things like the Kardashians or Mariah Carey’s lip-syncing.  This is of course, by design.

The whole issue swirls around e-mails transmitted between members of the Democratic Party leadership, including but not limited to Hillary Clinton.  The content of those e-mails proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the party is corrupt, and that the senior members of it have been involved in unethical and perhaps illegal activities for a very long time.  Very little of what has been exposed in those e-mails has been disputed for its accuracy—very little at all in fact.  The shrieking indignation comes from the fact that they were exposed to the light of day and the American people got to see them.  So in light of this, these grifters are trying to find a scapegoat and for that they have chosen the Russians.

The White House has now jumped on the band wagon and they have taken direct action against the Russians by expelling diplomats and making very incendiary public statements.  They’ve done all this without disclosing any sort of evidence to the American people—and we’re suppose to take it on faith that they are being honest with use, all after the e-mails show them to be cesspool of liars.  So the president that told Mitt Romney that his comments about Russia were silly and that “The 80’s called and wanted their foreign policy back,” is the same guy that is kicking off the second round of the Cold War.  Forget the fact that the Chinese were definitely guilty of the OPM hack and the Obama administration did exactly NOTHING in response.  So this is a craven political move and it is obviously designed to damage Donald Trump.

This whole thing is disgusting and the MSM is going along like the happy little lapdogs that they are.  They are actively trying to damage the president-elect before he is sworn in so that he will be weakened.  I cannot think of another example of this in our history and it sickens and shocks me.

It’s time we let people know that we see through this charade.  Correct someone anytime they use the term “election hacking” and make sure they are made to restate the issue as the “Truthful Democrat Party e-mails Exposed to the American People.”  Doesn’t really have a ring to it, but it is more accurate.

Why not try it on for size?


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