Women’s Rights Meets Idiocracy

This is just too funny…  I thought I’d have to share:

I know this is late in coming given the ongoing efforts to clean up the snail trail that Hillary holdouts slimed all over the country last weekend.

But can we say it? These were bitches that bought plane and bus tickets in advance of Hillary’s coronation and couldn’t get their deposits back.

One in particular stood tall above all the others. First among equals. A brave face that should be carved into the stony stretchmarks of Mount Thrushmore.

In honor of Ashley Judd’s meritorious service in illustrating what a complete bunch of whacked-out-of-their-gourds, loopy cunts her and her supporters were/are/forever will be…I present her with the coveted Red Vag of Courage.

Please…  go here and read the rest of it.  It’s well worth your time.


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  1. tweell says:

    The Women’s Rights March was another example of Trump’s greatness. He managed to get more fat women to exercise in 8 hours than Michelle Obama did in 8 years!

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