Trump’s Ban on Muslims

Has anyone else been reading or hearing about President Trump’s recent Executive Order restricting the immigration of Muslims?  Of course you have, it’s all over Facebook for fuck’s sakes…  I mean, that’s where everybody gets their news right?

Anyway, it turns out Trump actually never banned members of the Islamic faith.  You see he banned people entering the country that come from points of origin rife with terrorist activity.  Except for some Christian refugees from the Middle East—because they are no-shit getting massacred by Muslims and we haven’t exactly had a rash of extremist-Christian terrorist incidents lately.  So letting in Christian refugees from the Middle East I can probably live with.

Next point, the media has totally been characterizing this as an anti-Muslim move.  Again showing their stripes.  To the point where I see geniuses on social media claiming “wait until the fascist picks your group to discriminate against next.”  Well, I got news for all you rocket-scientists out there that think that the immigration policies of the last eight years were fair…  because they weren’t.  Not even by a long shot.  Let’s not even talk about illegal-immigration, let’s just talk about legal-immigration.  I personally attended at least half a dozen naturalization ceremonies all over the country during the last administration.  And you know who wasn’t terribly well represented at those ceremonies?  White people.  Nope, practically none.  You want to know what the percentage of white males were represented?  Not too terribly many at all.  Don’t believe me?  Go ahead and look up the immigration statistics…  if you can find them.  The Obama administration has had a tendency to be opaque about such issues.  And those that are out there are dubious at best.

Now I recognize the fact that there are more Chinese people in this world than Caucasians so necessarily in a fair system there would be a minority of them in any cohort of naturalized citizens.  Sure.  But while I did see a number of former Chinese citizens swearing their allegiance to the the United States, they too were in a small minority.  You can look those numbers up too if you like.  Of course the numbers at the link are suspect based upon my own personal experience.  In fact, I believe there might have been some “book cooking” going on to come up with those percentages.

If we’re going to have a discussion on immigration, then let’s do it armed with some facts.  Not a bunch of MSM propaganda-induced rage.  That’d be a nice change wouldn’t it?


Update:  Here’s the actual text of the Executive Order.  Go ahead and read it...  unless of course you don’t give a shit.

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