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Lavrov to US reporters about Trump and upheaval in DC: “You should know we do not interfere in the domestic matters of other countries.”

This is actually best evidence presented so far for Russian backing of the Trump campaign.

I don’t know about Russians donating to her campaign, or her during the campaign, but a Russian organization that is sometimes an intelligence front did give money to someone highly placed and connected with her campaign.  Back before Podesta became so well known over the email matter, I posted something here about about the Podesta brothers’ lobbying firm being hired by a Russian bank.

Foreign money didn’t make the election results illegitimate when it was Obama.  Media coverage has been effectively an unacknowledged in kind contribution.

Wikileaks is a general effort to destabilize America, and the blatant push was because Putin was certain neither Clinton nor Trump would be strong enough to punish him, but if it had been intended as an in kind contribution to Trump, it is not obvious that it is qualitatively different from earlier foreign intervention in our elections.

Remember when foreign media was pushing the idea that Obama was the bee’s knees, and we could totally all be friends if he were elected?  Remember how that was echoed domestically to support Obama’s campaign?

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