A Random Misogynist Thought

Okay, not really “misogynist,” but I’m sure some Social Justice Warrior will accuse me of it regardless.

So anyway, why is that the leftist chicks who are the most vocal about the evils of objectifying women are the first ones to take their clothes off in public?  Not only do they get naked in public, but they go on to rationalize it by saying it is all about “empowerment.”

Frankly, my libertarian streak compels me to disclose to you Dear Reader, that I couldn’t care less if they get naked in public or not, but for the life of me I cannot understand how that is empowering in any way.  It smacks of narcissism if you ask me.  More like some members of the female persuasion are screaming for attention more than anything else, and lacking any meaningful way to get it, they take their clothes off.

Am I wrong on this?

If you’re curious what brought this on, go to the link here about a bunch of Australian Sheilas getting nude and covering themselves in glitter.  Apparently they are doing this to promote “positive body image” or some other such malarkey.  Frankly, I just think they’re idiots.  Mostly idiots with nose piercings and shitty tattoos, but idiots nonetheless.

Of course I may be way off on this one.

I need a drink.


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