Digging out the details of the Hsu-nammi

Who says the blogosphere doesn’t do great journalism? Suitably Flip has done some amazing research into the Hsu scandal. While, as of yet, Hsu hasn’t reached the level of Jack Abramoff. It is interesting that virtually all of the money Hsu has given has been to leading Democrats, their PACs or the National and State Democrat organizations.

Perhaps most telling about a “Culture of Corruption” is this quote from Flip:

If you look through the transaction-level tab of the spreadsheet, you may notice a peculiar transaction on October 8, 2004, when Hsu himself contributed $26,600 to the California Democratic Party – the second largest contribution made by anyone during the whole sordid affair. What makes this one odd is the fact that the party later returned the entire sum (the refund was dated “Unknown” on the campaign finance disclosure). Alert Hsu-trackers will remember that the California Democratic Party was tipped off this past June about Hsu’s shady dealings and that the party went on to forward that tip to the Clinton campaign (though Hillary wouldn’t make a peep or pledge any refunds until after the glaring improprieties became front page news two months later).

The timing of Hsu’s $26,600 contribution to the California Democratic Party and their subsequent, leanly detailed refund of that donation during the 2004 cycle suggest that the state party may have had good reason to disassociate with Hsu more than 2.5 years earlier. There is, of course, any number of reasons a contribution might be refunded, but unfortunately, my attempts to clarify when and why this huge donation was returned have thus far been fruitless.

And Flip has embedded links in the above mentioned paragraph that document what he is saying.

If the Republican National Committee had any brains…and that’s a big if…they’d make a new Contract with America where they promise to take personal responsibility for avoiding the taking of campaign contributions, personally pledge to reduce or eliminate the worst forms of Prok Barrel Spending. IN short they should run on a the old fashioned Clean Government platform. If they all declare, and all actually follow through, with a pledge to end such practices as “set asides” it they could make sizable gains.

Term limits would be another good idea.

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