VDH thumps Reichsfuhrer Buchanan

Several weeks ago we took Pukecannon to task for finally showing his Nazi stripes. Now he is called out by a much more esteemed source…Dr. Victor Davis Hanson.

Here’s the money quote:

(PJB in ital) {VDH in Brac}

Where was Hitler born?
“At Versailles,” replied Lady Astor.

[Buchanan’s citation of the quip of the aristocratic hostess Nancy Witcher Langhorne as an authority on Versailles is revealing and gives his game away—a woman known for her virulent anti-Semitism, pro-Hitler appeasement, and close correspondence with another kindred soul in Ambassador Joseph Kenney. Her slurs about Czechoslovakian refugees, prejudice toward Catholics, lunatic pronouncements on slavery and blacks, and reprehensible slanders of British soldiers proved her to be unhinged—but apparently earns a citation of wisdom from Buchanan.]

Buchanan is trying to prove that foreign entanglements are always wrong and always lead to more war and destruction than if left alone. Many paleo-conservatives believe this to be true. But Buchanan is the only one to do so by trying rehabilitate the Nazi. And that says a great deal about Patrick J. Buchanan.

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