Bacon Flavored Bourbon?

This is the greatest invention since deep-fried ice cream!

Dude. I am all over this one.

(H/T Grim)


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4 Responses to Bacon Flavored Bourbon?

  1. quilly says:

    Nope, Bacon Flavored Bourbon simply won’t mix with it’s usual Coke.

  2. Blacklight6 says:

    Sadly it won’t do for anything that Civilized people drink in any event.

  3. Ugh God! I almost hurled just thinking of that combo. Why why why? Marcus don’t you dare bring that crap to Atlanta next week…..

  4. quilly says:

    But POTR, I hear it’s the drink of choice amongst a certain type of Femtrooper. You know, the kind with adam apples and big wrists.

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