Andrew Sullivan has AIDS dementia complex

For those wondering WTF has been going through Sullivan’s mind for the past several years the answer is now revealed. He has AIDS dementia complex. Steroid use combined with Aids has it’s own special hell of dementia.

The annual incidence of HIV dementia in the Western world prior to HAART was 7%, with a cumulative risk of 5-20%.3 With HAART, the incidence of HIV dementia started declining initially, but has begun increasing again. The prevalence of the disorder is now increasing; the cumulative incidence is 25-38% and the prevalence is around 37%.3 Milder forms of ADC affect an additional 30-40% of patients. In 4-15% of patients, ADC is the presenting clinical manifestation of HIV disease.3 The multicenter AIDS cohort study found a rate of HIV dementia of less than 1% in asymptomatic seropositive patients.4

Really quite a shame. No need to allow the poor man to embarrass himself more than is needed, we’ll try not to link to him.

(h/t Ace)

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