More on “Able Danger”

It looks like there are 9,500 pages of data concerning the “Able Danger” project, but the government is not going to release them.

The Defense Department’s Inspector General’s office and the joint Special Operations Command apparently have collected some 9,500 pages of documents on the controversial data-mining program known as “Able Danger.”

Senior DoD members and 9/11 Commission officials have implied that these documents were destroyed or can no longer be located, according to a report posted to

Scott Malone of, the author of the report, and Christopher Law of have long been following the Able Danger story. Back in November, Law submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for all documents and e-mails that could be located related to Able Danger.

Last week, Law’s request was finally denied. DOD refused to turn over a single document – but admitted there were at least 9,500 pages of data responsive to his request.

The rest is here.

The 9/11 Commission claimed these documents were missing or destroyed. I knew the commission was a sham from the beginning, but this only highlights how big of a sham it really was.


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  1. Pissed Off Tree Rat says:

    What?! The governement lost 9,500 pages of documentation?! No fucking way, those liars! The model of effenciency that it is and all. I’m suprised they can find they keys to the White House after an election.

    Did they ever get back the shit the Clintons swipped on the way out by the way?

  2. Marcus says:

    Check Hillary’s New York estate, I’m sure a couple of items will turn up.

  3. Blackhawk says:

    Enquiring minds want to know: what the fuck are the Clintons doing with all those ‘w’ keys off the keyboards? And who got the rug from the Oval Office (where the dress ‘staining’ occured)?

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