Dick Durbin…some call it treason

When does political partisanship become Treason? Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) seems to be pushing the envelope. First he released top secret information on a stealth satillite, now he is actively trying to undermine the troop’s morale.

Here Dick asks a question thathas been answered, that he knows is falacious and misleading:

CHICAGO - The incoming deputy leader of Senate Democrats demanded answers Saturday from Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld as to why U.S. soldiers in Iraq (news – web sites) and Afghanistan (news – web sites) lack protective equipment for themselves and their vehicles.

“We can, and we should, armor every Humvee and every truck our troops use in Iraq and Afghanistan,” Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., said in his party’s weekly radio address. “No more excuses, no more delays. We can save hundreds of lives and prevent thousands of serious injuries.”

Congress has given the Bush administration all the defense spending it has requested, yet there are still 3,500 Humvees without protective armor and about 44,000 soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan without adequate body armor, Durbin said.


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  1. James Anderson says:

    I am a citizen, retired veteran & a tax payer, from what i’ve read, heard on radio, tv & the internet, it’s painfully evident that his actions and retoric are tantamount to TREASON. He should NEVER be reelected to any responsible position and possibly ejected from office.

  2. Thomas Clum says:

    Sen Dick Durbin,

    I am retired military and I am disappointed that a U.S.
    Senator would give aid and comfort to people who have sworn
    to destroy us and our way of life. You have joined the Jane
    Fonda club as far as I’m concearned

    Thomas C. Clum
    Retired Military

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  4. Lee Martin says:

    I’m amazed that an educated person would use referances to events so different from the events at Gitmo
    to attempt analysis. There is no comparison to the legal and ethically correct treatment of our war prisoners. The senator who made these statements is either a fool, or has no concept of history.

  5. Don’t you mean ‘morale’?

  6. chuck says:

    It’s about time that someone like Durban tells it like it is. The rest of you are the new Brownshirts as far as I’m concerned. Thanks for the 20 years of military service, but you were brainwashed the entire 20 and now your body is broken and you’re living on a nice retirement somewhere, starting a new career. I too was in the military and for damned sure KNOW that what these plutocrats are doing to our GI’s is treasonous. It’s time for you vindictive automatons to wake up, see the new paradigm that is developing in the world, ask your kids to explain it to you and get the hell out of the way. You had your chance to screw up the world and the new generation is going to oust all of you fascists from office. God bless you all in your ignorance. JB

  7. Ross says:

    When did speaking out for the equipment and protections our brave troops require become treason? When did questioning having them sent into battle for lies become treason? When did the sacred duty of the citizens of a Democracy to dissent become treason? When did speaking truth to rapacious, war profiteering power become treason? Shame on knee jerk chauvinists.

  8. Quilly Mammoth says:

    Shame on you for being a Left Wing kneejerk moron. By the time Durbin spoke the up-armor program was producing as fast as possible. As later events would show he is damn near a traitor. The comparision of Nazi, KGB and Pol Pot to US SOldiers clearly gives a propaganda tool to the Enemy.

    Durbin is a smart enough man to be able to dissent without endangering the troops. But doing so in such a manner doesn’t have the same effect…if one is trying to destroy the President rather than actually being patriotic.

  9. chuck says:

    Was it not our illustrious Commander in Thief that declared “Bring ‘em on!” (http://quotes.liberty-tree.ca/quotes.nsf/quotes5/bb81fa7f8a67afce85256f930028f894)
    Does this not endanger our troops? Not only do certain fascists deny the troops the care they deserve from PTSD, depleted uranium, family stress and mangling injuries for the rest of their lives, but they back the number one sound bite for Al-Jazeera. I’m sick of all this American tough-guy John Wayne bullying and shouting down of anyone who actually tells the truth. The truth is an impossible thing for a Bush-backer to know. I feel the troops ought to just fire up the C-141’s and get the hell out of Iraq tommorrow and give their CiC the bird on the way back. If anyone desires to scratch below the surface to see what the root of this is I invite them to read Chalmer Johnsons excellent (pre 911) book “Blowback” (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0805075593/qid=1119576304/sr=8-2/ref=pd_csp_2/103-7111749-5576613?v=glance&s=books&n=507846)
    to learn how we got to this situation. Of course, yanks have a 3 day attention span and an innate ability to connect the dots of 50 years of imperial bullying that has pissed off most of the planet. The love us individually, but hate our policy. It will not stop. Are you rooting for Darth Vader (Cheney) or the Jedi voices of sustainability. As long as these cretins keep us turned on each other over frivilous issues like whether criticism of the ineptitude of our current administration “endangers” our troops, they will continue to loot the treasury right out the back door while sooo many people cheer for them. Wake up America. This is NOT the America my Grandfather fought for!! Just because someone has a® beside their name does mean they are “Conservative”. What is being conserved? What values do they hold that your neighbor holds? What is Christ-like about them? Answer in a word: Nothing. We need more Durbans to speak out before they start taking it to the streets. Not all us progressives are pussies. Rather, we’re mad as hell and ready to take the whole system down, if necessary, to exterminate the roaches we have allowed in. This is bigger than partisan politics. This is evidence of an empire in desperate decline as was the Roman Empire. Bring on the circuses, wine and cheese. Don’t forget to take your overpriced pharmaceuticals, fuel up your guzzling behemoth that you need to cart your processed-food bloated body down the highway, wave the flag even though it represents something that died several years ago and tune into fox to get your next marching orders. Iran is next. Scott Ritter has already layed it out. Deride him as you will, but truth is something as foreign as a color to a dog to the brainwashed masses.
    God bless you in your willful ignorance, JB

  10. Quilly Mammoth says:

    Gee, Chuck, you have the mindless catch phrase babbling of the Fever Swamp down to the “t”. The America your Grandfather fought for just got done putting down, using US Marines, democratic uprisingings in Panama, Cuba and Nicauragua.

    Next post can you work in some “Chimpy BusHitler the World’s Dumbest Dictator” type phrases, please?

  11. chuck says:

    We don’t really like democracies. Dictators are so much easier to deal with. Anyone heard from Noriega in the last 10 years? Will Saddam be “suicided”? Please, shout me down. At least then I know the brain is somewhat engaged. If Central America is right in our backyard and our sphere of influence, why is it still ass-backwards in so many ways? What do we call a government that has fused social policy and corporate plutocracy? You look it up.
    Peace, JB

  12. Quilly Mammoth says:

    You’ve made a basic error. We do like democracies. We’ve historically liked them. The problem is, as you say, dictatorships are easier to deal with. Which, of course, is why the EUnics hate dealing with us, every four years we might go off in a totally different direction. That is first and foremost why they disliked Bush. He was going to change things.

    For nearly 60 years the Arabists have been telling us to just “deal with whomever is in power”. It doesn’t work.

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