Bambi’s drilling moretoreum hurts more then gas prices.

If you think the gas prices are hurting you think about the people who make a living off drilling.

Nearly a year after the administration first halted oil drilling activity in the Gulf of Mexico, stories of economic hardship still surface, all with the same theme: The slow pace of permitting punishes all those whose livelihood depends on the oil and gas industry — even those who had nothing to do with the spill and whose safety records are impeccable.

Here’s teh problem People are expecting Barry Soetoro to actually give a crap about the little people. He does not. The whole gas price thing is an effort by Obama and Co to destroy our current system so they can build a new one. Event the people that say he is doing this to increase green energy are missing the deeper meaning. He has to crush our economy to destroy our way of life s he can replace it with his ultimate vision.

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