How Comments work here

UPDATE: I have moved the “register” button to the “meta” header at the bottom of the side bar to make it easier to find.

Comment spam is a real problem. Fighting off the spambots requires either more money…which I don’t have…or more progamming skills,which I also don’t have; what I do have is the ability to hold all comments. Therefore, your comment is sequestered along with the spam until I approve it. I do this twice a day. Luckily I do have the ability to mass delete, so this isn’t an arduous process. But it does mean your comment may not appear until later.

Update: Once you have had a comment approved, and are a registered poster, then your posts will be automatically appear.

The only comments that I will not allow are those which call for others to commit acts of violence against individuals or against groups no matter how vile that person is. Unless you are speaking of Radical Islamic Fundamentalists, then you can all you want.

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